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Thread: Soon to be Married

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    Soon to be Married

    So this month my df and I are getting married!! He then leaves for basic in March!! We have been together for 7 years!! I am just wanting some basic advise about being an army wife! I want to make sure that I can make our marriage as successful as we can!! Any thing at all is helpful
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    Well, I think a lot of your experience is determined by what your DF will be doing. But for us, these are true...

    1- communication is key! You will have to learn how to communicate in many different ways, talking on the phone is different than talking in person (and living together), so is talking via video chat and emails and letters. But month to month these different communication styles will be required and you have to transition and communicate effectively.

    2- resentment for him going or requirements of his job is hard on you and the relationship, you have to work through that. I was very type a- planned for everything and it was SO hard on me to deal with the hourly changes that come with DH's job. I also hate it when he is gone, I had to let go a lot of anger, feelings of abandonment, ect.

    3- make friends with other SO's. They save me, understand what Im doing through when my civilian world really cant relate or understand.

    Most importantly I think being open and honest is the most important thing. Continuing to dream together, learning to trust in new ways, and really valuing the time you have together. Of course this is only my perspective, I think all different personality types have different experiences. For me, personally, the military lifestyle is not for me. I've done it and supported my DH whole heartedly for 3 years, but we've been very honest about what we want out of life and what the military lifestyle can and can't do to help us get there. Now we're 4 months away from being out and pursuing other dreams. But I will always appreciate this experience for the gifts its given me and our relationship!

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    Thank you!! I know all the new ways of communication is going to be a hard thing to get used to!! I am used to being able to text or call whenever and then knowing he will be home at the end of the night!! He will be doing EOD, so communication will be little! I am hoping that i can also have the support of others that are going through the same things! I never thought we would be a military couple, but we have been guided in this direction so now this is what we are doing. DF is excited, as am I, but we shall see where the adventures take our marriage !
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    Make sure he has already told his recruiter he will be getting married. The recruiter is going to have to do some additional paperwork after you get married.

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