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Thread: Just because I am feeling mushy and full of love right now, tell me...

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    Love Just because I am feeling mushy and full of love right now, tell me...

    If he did your SO pop the question...(post pics if you have them!)

    DH took me to the beach, gave me a scrapbook that he made me. The book was full of pages tha said things like "the time we went camping," "Our day the the falls," and "Our day on the Mt. Hood Railroad." When I got to the last page he was on his knee with a huge box in his hand. For a moment I was very confused and thought that maybe he had gotten me an engagement necklace!..turns out the container was just as beautiful as the ring!

    DH making sure I am warm.

    Looking through the present he made me. At this point I am thinking, "why would he want a picture of this?"

    The last page!

    the "box" it came in!!!

    I do wish he would have given me some sort of hint about what was going to happen though so I could have looked more presentable..
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    It was Memorial Day and DH had taken me to Pioneer Park in Fairbanks, and had me experience the -40* room (with flip flops on) and we played mini golf. After that, he drove up to the Elliot Hwy and would pull off the road and we'd walk around some, then back in the car and did that a few times until we were at a pull out by ourselves (there were others around at the other stops). He scared me at first because he was testing how sturdy an old ski lift thing was (hanging off of the edge) by jumping on it. After that, he got on one knee.

    Then we went to the Turtle Club for dinner to celebrate.
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    dh didnt propose we just talked about it, went out and picked out rings, and when mine was done being sized i just started wearing it
    we kicked deployment #2's butt!

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    This is my original post from when it happened:

    My Manfriend is no longer my manfriend. He proposed! I am officially going to be Mrs. Manfriend!

    Sorry! I kept getting calls from people! I was waiting to post pics while they uploaded and my phone kept blowing up. Also sorry, my pics are HUGE! I dont know how to resize...

    So heres the story:
    MF (who will still be referred to as MF since I looove the term manfriend. But he is my fiancee!) wanted to do stuff in the city because he lives in J-hell and there is no culture. So he looked up stuff to do here (that should have been tip off #1), and said he wanted to go to the Franklin Conservatory an then the art museum.

    So we went to the conservatory, which is like a giant greenhouse with different areas, like the desert, the himalayas, the rainforest etc. So we are walking around, and I know a lot about flowers since I worked in a flower shop for 4 years in high school. So he is asking questions, and I am telling him random factoids. We get to the rainforest, and are at the top of this little lookout, and he says "I have another question for you" and I (totally clueless!) say yes and he says "I love you," *gets down on one knee*, "Will you marry me?'. I cover my mouth and gasp, and ask (so sweetly) 'Are you serious?!?' and he said yes, and, obviously, I said yes!

    Here are pics of where it happened and then my ring! It was my grandmas ring- 2.1 carat, flawless (legit), diamond. I love it. I love it so much. He is such a sneaker. And normally he never is! He actually flew to NY 2 nights ago, when he said he was int he field, to talk to first my mom, and then my dad, and then his family.

    I am SO happy!

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    He hasn't proposed yet.

    We set a wedding date for May 25, 2013 (yeah, we do shit backwards ) the night before I got my . So I knew he was going to have to propose sometime soon. The next day we talked and decided we didn't want to get married because I was pregnant, so we were going to wait and just continue with our wedding plans. Then later that night he said that he wanted to marry me anyway, and he didn't want to wait. So we were like alright. Let's do this. We changed our wedding date, and got married.

    He'll propose (ask me to renew our vows) when we get the money to get me a wedding ring. But uh, we already know when we are renewing them.
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    He proposed in his mom's kitchen. It wasn't the most romantic locale but it's the sentiment that counts.

    I also wish I had looked a little nicer lol than my sweats... I hadn't even showered yet.
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    DH and I went on a Gondola ride in Coronado, CA. And we ate chocolate covered strawberries and drank some sort of pink alcohol that was terrible but he thought I would like it because it was pink. As soon as I was about to step off the gondola he got down on one knee and asked me. I should've made him wait in anticipation but I said yes so quickly He was all shaking and nervous like did he think I was going to say no? It was the best date I've ever been on

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    We were laying in bed during his boot leave. He was about to leave again for MCT so I was all upset and we were having a heart to heart. Out of nowhere he says "You know what?" gets down out of bed onto one knee and says "Kathryn Ann Lastname, I love you with all I have. I need you to know you're my number one. Will you marry me?" I ugly-cried and said "of course".
    He apparently had plans to take me out to a fancy pants place the next day but I guess he couldn't hold it in anymore So he just did it right then and there.

    No pictures of the proposal but here's mah bling!
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    I went to go visit him in Hawaii, it was my third trip going there to see him. He met me in the airport, and while we were hugging, making out, and greeting one another, he took my hand and slipped the ring onto my finger. He said, "I am yours and you are mine."
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    Whoops. Double post.
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