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Thread: When did you know...?

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    When did you know...?

    I've just been sitting here thinking (and not writing my paper) .

    DB and I have talked about marriage a lot and I do like to sit and think about it and very much like the idea and think that he could be the person I marry. But I know we're not ready yet and am in no rush to go down the aisle (until I watch a couple wedding shows, then I'm ready to plan a wedding lol). I think we still need some time to get to know each other some more and grow and see if this relationship can handle the military lifestyle. I imagine one day I'll just wake up and feel like I'm ready, let's do this! (or not since I second guess everything in life )

    Anyway, my question is, when did you know that you were ready to get married?
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    When I pictured my life 40 years from now and couldn't see spending it with anyone else.
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    When he said "got my's what we thought" He was going to Japan for 2 years and I knew we wanted to move me there so we had to be married. We were already engaged though so it was just a matter of moving the date up. I knew I wanted to marry DH from like 2 weeks into our relationship, he makes me feel comfortable and safe and I loved that.
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    within a month or two.
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    I knew within the first two weeks. Things just clicked with us and I knew I never wanted to face a day without him.

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    There was never a time that I knew I wanted to get married (in general), but I knew that I wanted to marry DH before we were even officially a couple, so about 4 months after we began talking. I was a bit disppointed that he just asked to 'go steady' instead of proposing

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    I didn't. I never wanted to get married before DH. I just took a chance.

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    About 8 months in DH, then DB, started talking seriously about enlisting. When I cried into his shoulder at the thought of him being taken away from me, that's when I knew.
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    I can remember when I first fell in love with him but there really wasn't a particular moment when I knew I wanted to marry him. We didn't really talk about it much and I hadn't planned on marrying anyone before DH came along. Once it did come up though we didn't dwell on it. We were married within the month and the only reason we waited that long was because I couldn't get a day off from work. My mother used to tell me that she knew she was going to marry my dad after their first date. Some people just KNOW. I constantly second guess myself and to keep from doing that sometimes I have to take risks. Getting married was a big risk but I'm glad I took it. We haven't looked back since
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    with current DH I don't think I was ready to marry when we did, but married out of necessity.
    I knew the day after we met that we would be together for a very long time ( I truly believe nothing lasts forever).

    we met 16 1/2 years ago and married 13 years ago.
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