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Thread: I know, I know...

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    I know, I know...

    ...Everyone is asking everyone 2985 questions lately. BUT this one really has me

    So, I've recently started talking to this guy. Taking things slow, nothing really of substance yet. Last night we were skyping, and he asks me what I've told my parents about him. I kinda looked at him and told him I havn't told them anything since well, there is nothing to tell. He seemed rather surprised and upset that I hadn't told my parents about him. and told me he told his parents about me. Mind you, we arn't official, and are just talking.

    Now, I'm a grown woman, living on my own, away from family, and 100% independent (ie I don't rely on my parent). I'm really close to my family, but I draw the line at my dating life. For my mother's sake, I spare them the details of my single life, so as to not give her a heart attack and so that my dad still thinks I'm an angel.

    I was just wondering, when did you or do you tell your parents about your SO? When you're official? casual? I don't know, just seems odd to me to tell my mother I am talking to this guy, but wait he's not my bf.
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    I casually told my parents I had been talking to DH (then DB obvs ) after about a month or so.

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    Well I was 17 so I don't think I count But we were just talking when I told my mom, but my mom is like my best friend so I talk to her about everything. My mom also met DH like a week into talking.
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    When I had my first date with DB I told her about like the actual date but until we were officially together I didn't like plunge into details.
    But my mom is crazy nosey so she would find sneaky ways to bring it up in conversation before we made it "official"

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    When I lived on my own I didn't have to share dating information like when I was back home but I still told my mom when I was really excited about a guy. Could be a couple dates, could be zero dates Whenever I was excited about someone I shared with her. My dad though, I probably only told him about a guy when it was getting more serious, like if we were exclusive or I was bringing him home to meet them.
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    Well thinking about it, I mentioned that I had met this nice guy to my parents the same day I met DB I didn't do the whole official hey something's going to happen with this guy thing until we'd been talking for a couple weeks and deciding to make it official.
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    I told my parents about MF about 6 months in - mainly because they were pestering me about it.

    I'm also 'grown' and living across the country from my parents. I really only tell them anything about my dating life if it's serious.

    br33 is my professional deployment twin
    starsinthesky is my PAL
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    Mind you that my parents live with me, so this may be a little different. I told them about DH when we became exclusive (which was pretty quick).

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    I had this most awkward and horribly terrifying conversation with my mother about 8weeks after I had met DF for the first time, only once:

    "Um... mom. I'm flying to Texas to spend the weekend with a guy I met in Vegas."

    My mother, I'm sure, lost a few years off of her life at that moment Obvs it worked out... but I wasn't the kind of person to go to the extreme if I wasn't sure it was a very, very special thing. She did say, "If I tell you 'no' will you still go?" I couldn't believe she was serious... I was 24 years old. I said, "No... I'm still going to go."

    So, I kind of had to tell my mom at that point, but had DF lived locally... it likely would have been sooner because the feeling was that strong!
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    I never told them anything I just let them figure it out on their own. I think they're still in denial, but whateva whateva.

    Since you two aren't exclusive, you don't have to tell anyone anything if you don't want to. But even when you start dating... which.. is gonna happen... right?? You still have no obligation to tell anyone anything. Well.. except for us on MSOS..
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