Hey y'all!

DB and I are still in the early stages of our first deployment, but the holdaiys are still upon us and I want to do something for his parents for their birthdays (1 and 2 od Dec!) and the holiday since they are Jewish. I was going to send a big tin of cookies and then something small for each parent.

DB's mom really likes to make jewelry so I was going to get her some nice beads from a bead store near me but I am totally stuck on his dad. He's a photography nut and has all the equipment you could imagine. He likes the outdoors from a photography pov and he likes sci phy stuff- has a ton of the TV shows on DVD, and likes the genre of books.

The thing is, I have only ever met them in person once- when I spent two weeks with his family in October. So I really do not know them super well yet. Does anyone have any good/ better ideas on what to do for them? I am fairly certain I am talking to my future in-laws right now and I do not want to mess this one up! Help!