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Thread: So proud of myself, and Df is amazing

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    Love So proud of myself, and Df is amazing

    I normally don't post a lot things about my Df and our relationship but I wanted to share this with y'all.

    As you all know I am in recovery from e.d. And have been on the right track for 2 years, mostly due to the fact that Df has been my constant cheerleader and biggest supporter.

    But, I have still had a huge problem with eating normal foods. Even though I am a bigger girl, I have still been paralyzed by fear when it comes to gaining any more weight. I would still only eat salads with no dressing,nuts,crutons,meat of any kind (basically only lettuce and veggies) or steamed veggies or fruit. I refused protein of any kind, but I would still pig out on unhealthy foods that wouldn't fill me up (chips,candy etc) to avoid feeling guilty when full.

    Df would constantly offer bits of his "normal" food and tell me how happy he was, after I ate it, that I ate it, and encouraged me to eat a little more.

    Well in the past month, I went from making him a lager portion for dinner and eating off his plate only (again I know, but I felt less guilty that way) to actually making myself a small plate of normal healthy foods

    When we went out to restaurants while home, I'd order a sandwich, or a salad with chicken etc. When I was home with my parents, I ate what they made for dinner instead of making myself a salad . I had chili, hamburger helper, ham etc...

    Every night I'd tell Df what I ate, and he'd tell me how very proud he was, and throughout the day he'd say it again, out of the blue, to encourage me .

    I am so proud of myself to overcome this huge hurdle, and i am such a lucky girl to have Df in my life.
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    that is great to hear!!!

    So glad you have a great support system
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    *I* am proud of you! I know we don't "know" each other well or anything, but I do remember your past posts about ED, and it makes me so happy to read about your progress!! And your DF sounds like an absolute GEM!!!!
    Beth, Mama to Emmalee (12), Evan (9), and Ella (4 on May 7) (I really REALLY need to update my picture!)
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    It could be worse.
    I'm glad that good foods are getting easier for you, hun. And I'm really happy that you've found such amazing support.
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    that soooo great! I'm very proud of you too!!

    I hate that you refer to yourself as a bigger girl, you're perfect and gorgeous! I would you in a heartbeat! (and my DF has a crush on you...just sayin' )

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    This makes me so happy to hear. I am literally tearing up about it . You are such an amazing & beautiful young woman and you deserve the best for everything- including the food you put in your body. Keep going hun- you are doing so well and are so gorgeous and are only going to get better.
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    I'm totally about this. I'm so proud of you and everything that you have accomplished! You are an amazings, strong woman.. and I am so happy that you have someone like your DF in your life.
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    You're amazing.

    life's a party, rock your body
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    you, Candice
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    That's so wonderful. So glad you have such a good support system in your DF
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