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Thread: christmas idea maybe..

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    Help christmas idea maybe..

    df said something yesterday that got me thinking.

    i was scratching his back, and he said "for christmas, i want a bunch of coupons for scratching my back."

    ..I could make a little coupon book with stuff he loves what I do inside? (may be cliche, but whateverrr.)

    like, cook one night, sratch his back, clean the whole appt., back rub, other stuff..
    would that be a good idea? just trying to give him something unique for Christmas that he'll love.

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    I did it for Valentine's day for DB. Though he never redeemed them
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    That is always an adorable idea.

    My DB and I have this IOU thing going on right now and I am thinking about making a book of real paper ones for one of his care packages for when he comes home.

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