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Thread: Songs you deticate to you SO or your SO deticates to you

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    Songs you deticate to you SO or your SO deticates to you

    So I'm just sitting here listening to music and I keep hearing a ton of songs that remind me of my DB....Heres some

    Our Song: Lady Antebellum-Just a kiss
    My Song to Him- Plain with Ts-1234
    His song to me: Jason Derulo- It girl

    Songs we both love:
    Coldyplay: Scientist
    Story of the Year: Until the day I die
    Mumford and Sons: White Blank Page

    We have sooo many more but that's just a few...

    So what's some of your songs??
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    I feel like any sad song about being apart and in love reminds me of my DH right now... (sappy I know but it's hard to not feel like I'm living typical country song lyrics after being apart for 9 months and counting....)

    Our Song: Staind- Tangled Up In You
    Songs that remind me of him: Framing Hanley- Stupid Girl
    Three Days Grace- World So Cold
    Volbeat- Still Counting

    Anything by Korn, Lifehouse, Alice in Chains or Kings of Leon... (and yes the list goes on....)
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    Our you going to kiss me or not by Thompson Square is kind of "our song" reminds us of when we first started dating and the games we played with each other. Not kissing each other even when we both wanted to Silly things.

    Another song of ours especially when he is away is "Vanilla Twilight by Owl City"
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    aerosmith "don't want to miss a thing".....i think that movie was our third or fourth date. our first date we went to see US Marshalls
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    DF wrote a song about me the night after we met called "midnight lady" it is definitely one of my favorites! I had heard him play it several times but it took him a few months to admit it was about me
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    DH song for me is she's everything by brad paisley and shes tough by chris ledoux
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    My Love is aboard the Stennis...I'm an Iowa girl :)
    My songs to him? I have tons that would apply, but mainly these 3 by Taylor Swift, because they fit us and our story SO well!!!
    -"You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift
    -"Love Story" by Taylor Swift
    -"Mine" by Taylor Swift (still somewhat waiting on this song to be fulfilled haha)

    Example of a song together:
    -"Tilt-A-Whirl" by Insane Clown Posse....And before you think I'm crazy, let me explain, middle school and high school we had a daily after-school ritual. I lived down the street from school, so we'd walk to my house, grab a soda (him Mt. Dew, me Pepsi) and some junk food, and we would go outside with my stereo and ICP cd with this song on it. We would play hackysack and do flips on my trampoline with this song blaring, singing with it word for word! Those were the times that brought us closer without us even realizing it. They are some of my favorite memories!

    And honestly, I've never even thought what his are to me...I'm going to ask him that in my next email! I'm kind of curious about that now!!! haha excellent topic!
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    Me: Nor Cal... Him: the dusty side of the world </3
    When DB and I first started dating our song was "Kiss me thru the phone". omg. lmao
    I told him that all of my friends/coworkers laughed at me about it, and that it wasn't really that romantic, so he then said Skillet - Yours to Hold. I thought that was pretty great, given that when I think of him I think of Skillet - Better Than Drugs. (Noted that we obviously love that band.)
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    DH wrote me songs. He actually asked me out via song!
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