Has anyone been on this pill? I was recently switched from microgestin, on which I had no problems, to this one. I'm not a huge fan of it. I'm breaking out on my forehead and neck (tiny, tiny little zits, not really noticeable, but I don't like it and I have never broken out on my neck before) and PMSing, and am moodier--I ALWAYS feel like crying lately--neither of which happened on my other pill, which was also a generic. I also had some wierd spotting this month; I never got anything on the other pill. This is my second month. I know you are supposed to give it three months but I'm not sure I really want to. What are your experiences with it?

If I call my doctor, can I get put back on Microgestin for my next refill or change it? I called it in today, but would like to know if I can go back to what I was on.

If not, has anyone successfully gone from the pill to diaphragms? I haven't had the best experience with the pill in general (except the microgestin low dose I liked that) and am thinking of going off totally now that I've figured out how to control my acne with diet instead. Would I just go back to my dr to get fitted for one? Do you have to use a spermicide? Are they effective? Last, if I really hated the diaphragms, could I go back on the pill (perhaps)? I really don't want to get pregnant right now--we do want kids but not yet, and the pill has been very effective--but I'm about fed up with messing with my hormones so much and am thinking of getting off it entirely.

EDIT: I don't know how to change the title of the tread. I don't think it's the fe version of the pill. I was on microgestin fe but I think Junel is regular.