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Thread: Do you or your SO keep momentos from exes?

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    Do you or your SO keep momentos from exes?

    Today I had to get a personal document for my bf and he told me to go through his personal filing cabinet (we don't live together, I drove two hours for this important document) since he is deployed. Upon searching for this document, I came across some personal things he had with his ex. I really tried to ignore and not look at it but I did catch some postcards and stuff. I know it's minor stuff but I guess it kind of bothered me. Just reminded me that there was a girl before me that he really cared about.

    This is hypocritical of course, because I still have some things from my ex as well. It's a normal thing...I don't expect him to throw everything away and completely forget those 2 years, but I was just bothered when I saw his.
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    The only thing I have from an ex (even though we never dated, he was just special to me) is his obituary. Or the card from his funeral service. DH knows it's important to keep for me. However, it's in a box and I barely look at it. It's just knowing I have it.
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    I have some notes in a momento box that I never look at. I keep everything though!

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    All I have is an amber promise ring from a guy I went with for 2 years. It has diamonds, I'm too stubborn to pawn it even though it has no meaning anymore and I never wear it. DF doesn't have anything, at least not that I've seen. And I guess I've never cared enough to ask.

    Although, sometimes I'll look at pictures on facebook that he posted before we were together, and his ex will comment 'I love you' or something. That kinda sucks. But it's not something I've ever told him about because it doesn't matter at all.
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    I have a fleece jacket because it's pretty much the warmest thing ever

    that's what he gets for moving into my house and leaving his stuff all over

    I pretty much will keep papers and letters until I look through my things and realize that it doesn't belong there anymore and I don't want it. That being said, I do still have the conversation of text messages from Chris who I broke up with last August. I didn't notice it until July and didn't really care but I guess that's my memento.
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    I do have a box filled with stuff from an ex. And I know that DH does, too. Most of the time, I forget it's even there. I keep it because sometimes I need to remind myself of how strong I was during that time of my life. There is a lot of post breakup stuff in there, like letters that I never sent etc.
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    We don't have anything from exes, but our last exes were in high school...which was 11 years ago. Neither one of us had a serious relationship to where we would have things we kept from it.
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    neither of us have exes so its never been an issue.. but if he did, it would definitely bug me. like a PP said about the fb comments/pics too, that would bug me too.

    but i keep everything.. i'm just like that, so i might have kept things if i ever had a relationship before him depend what it is i guess

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    Yes, I finally tossed a few things when we moved but there are still a few hanging around. My DH is the love of my life hands down but my two ex's were important men in my life and helped me grow into the person I am today. I value the time I spent with them.
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    Nope. I did for a while, but got rid of them once DH and I got engaged.

    It wasn't anything but a few fraternity formal t-shirts and a crap-load of cards. He had never given me jewelry or anything, so it was easy to get rid of it all.

    I did keep the pictures, because those are memories for me too. Pictures of my first cruise and a lot of fun I had in the five years we were together. But they're in albums with the rest of my old pics.
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