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Thread: "love yah"

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    "love yah"

    The other day on my way to school they were discussing on the radio that they think "love yah" means something totally different then "i love you." Most of the people agreed that "love yah" is something thats only said in a friendly manner and that if someone says it to you then they don't mean it in a true love way. Only one of the people thought that it doesn't matter how you say it if you already know the person loves you. What is your opinion on it? Are they both different?

    For me, "love yah" doesn't mean anything less then "i love you." Mainly because DB does end text messages sometimes with love yah. It doesn't make me think that he doesn't love me just cause he said it differently. Its just how DB is and I know that he loves me anyway.
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    sometimes I say love ya to Dh...That doesnt mean I dont love him
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    I wouldn't say "Love ya" to DH. I send stuff like that to my best friend, because TO ME, that is friendly. But in all honesty, I'm not sure it matters which way you type it.
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    Sometimes I'll say "Love ya" in a haha just depends on the situation and who your saying it too..IMO!
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    I think there are a lot of different views on this (which you have pointed out ).

    I feel like I would feel a little hurt if my boyfriend started saying, 'love yah' in place of 'I love you' simply because he normally says 'I love you'. If it started out that he always said 'love yah' then it wouldn't phase me at all.

    On a different level, my step-mom is not one to say 'I love you' a lot to anyone...AT ALL. 'Love yah' is just the way she says it. I know she loves me, my brother, and everyone else she says 'love yah' to. It actually caught me off-guard when she called up one day and said 'I love you'. She said she felt like she needed to make sure I knew that since she knows she doesn't say it often. At the time my family was going through some stuff so maybe someone mentioned her not saying it or she just felt like she needed to.
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    I appreciate hearing "I love you" from DF more than "love ya" because it feels more purposeful, but I could also just be a crazy girl

    Not gonna' lie, sometimes when I get frustrated with something he's said/did and we're saying goodbye on Skype, I'll say "love you" instead of "I love you" because it puts some space in our relationship that I'm comfortable with at that moment. I still love him, it's just a way to give myself some space to cool down and put myself in check. We've never talked about a difference between the two phrases, it's something personal for me.

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    there's a difference to me.
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    i say love ya when i am mad.
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    fyi - I struggled with how to explain this one. haha.

    For me - I'd say, I know how the person saying the sentiment is meaning it. If a DB/DH would says "Love yah" I'd know and understand that he does love me - just because he dropped a couple letters in his delivery does not discredit his love for me.

    As in the opposite - If a friend says "Oh, I love you!" I know they are saying it as friendly sentiment and that they aren't actually in love with me.

    I just realized that I have a fear of DBs first "I love you" will be something like: "Dude! Love yahhhh" But that's who he is... and I wouldn't change a thing.
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    They are different for me.

    "Love ya" is for friends and to let people know that if I'm picking on them its not with bad intent.
    "I love you" is for DH and my parents and my 2 besties (who are basically my sisters.)

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