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Thread: He asked my dad...

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    He asked my dad...

    He asked my dad if he could propose! I talked to both of them on the phone later in that night and they both had good things to say. My dad said "A father always hopes his daughter finds a boy who cares about her more than anyone else... And after seeing his face when I told him yes, I know he loves you." This is a big deal! My dad has had a hard time with me and my relationships with boys in the past. He thinks you're too young to know love until you're 30 or something
    So no "big question" yet - but still! It seems like it's actually real now... When we joke around about the future and "make plans". They aren't "plans" anymore! They're legit plans haha....
    For some feedback:
    Did your SO ask someone's permission before proposing? Did you know he asked or was the proposal still a complete surprise??
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    He asked my mom and step dad, but I didn't know till after the fact so that proposal was a complete surprise.
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    Awwww, that's so sweet!

    My hubby asked my Mum for permission (my father has passed already) & she was very gracious that he asked and, of course, said yes. I knew that he was the type of person that would ask, but I didn't know that he actually did until he told me the day after he proposed. It is very touching

    I was only partially surprised when my hubby proposed because we had gone looking at ring just a week or 2 before. We'd been together for 4.5 years at that point & he had wanted to get married since we had been together for 1.5 years, so he was ready & I knew he wouldn't want long to propose, haha.

    Even though I was 75% sure he was going to propose the particular night that he did, it was still an amazing moment & I almost lost my balance and fell over because I was so excited (he proposed in the middle of an ice skating rink). It was a spectacular moment that I'll never forget
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    Very sweet
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    Quote Originally Posted by HereForHim View Post
    Did your SO ask someone's permission before proposing? Did you know he asked or was the proposal still a complete surprise??
    DH asked my dad for permission. It was something I had told him early on that was important to my dad so that means it was important to me. My dad always says it's a respect thing. And if the guy I'm gonna marry respected my dad he would ask permission.
    So when DH picked me up to go to dinner and later (after the restaurant messed up his plan) He showed me the ring and before he could ask "Will you marry me?!?" I bursted out "DID YOU ASK MY DAD?!?!" And he told me "Yes and he said 'Finally someone is taking her off my hands!'" Then he put the ring on my hand.

    So technically there was no proposal he never really asked
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    And DF asked my dad before asking me. He showed him the ring and had that talk with him and everything. I would have had a really hard time going home as an engaged woman if he hasn't talked to my dad first! But I'm a daddy's girl what can I say?

    Oh, and no, I didn't have any idea he was going to propose until he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand, and I wouldn't have it any other way
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    I didn't want my DH to ask my dad first. I am the one that has to live with him for the rest of my life so it is my decision.

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    I it. So happy for you both!

    DB talked to my dad about us dating and his feelings long before I even knew he wanted to date me. Dad gave him his blessing then... for any and all! That came out of DB's mouth on accident when he referenced something he and Dad had talked about one night. I had to laugh and asked Dad about it. Dad just gave me a hug and told me that DB was for real, that he loved both of us and just wanted us both to be happy. And if DB ever mistreated me, he'd take care of it!
    I miss him so much... but I love him even more. And that makes all the difference!
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    for the both of you!!!!

    I'm not engaged yet... but when it happens I would fully expect DB to ask my father for my hand in marriage. I would also expect for my father to not tell me. I want my proposal to be 100% a surprise I don't want to know until he's on one knee asking me the question

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    That means you're close!

    I personally dont care to have DB ask my dad for permission. I think it is my decision. He does want to ask though, so I asked DB to ask for his blessing rather than his permission.

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