Missing you,
I get cold sweats just imagining touching your again.
I can so vaguely remember touching your scruffy face with my cold finger tips.
Grazing your lips and looking up into your swollen eyes of the morning light.
My heart beat turns up like a radio nob, so fast and yet so slow.
drum, drum, your footsteps all over my heart. You left tracks bigger than a crater.
6,7,8 I might faint when your last breath before you kiss me.
chest to chest, foreheads bowed to each other, you brushing my hair behind my ears.
You steal a light kiss upon my cheek, and i nuzzle my head into your neck.
Comfort like no other, Your arms take me away from yesterdays disasters.
Love doesn't compare to how you make me feel, it's like in the never ending massive outer space comet crashing into a burning out star, exploding light into the wondering darkness skies.
Infinite compassion concurring the madness in the world.