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Thread: Do you enjoy being a Miltary supporter?

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    Do you enjoy being a Miltary supporter?

    How do you feel about being a Military family? Would you change anything or are you glad to have gone through everything you have gone through????
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    To be completely honest if I had known my SO was in the military when I first met him, I would not have dated him. I have nothing against the military or the lifestyle, it's just not something I wanted for my life.
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    I love this lifestyle. We love to travel, experience new things, meet new people, etc. so this is perfect for us. I would love my husband military or not, but I wouldn't have meet him if he wasn't in the military.
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    I'm in NC he is in CT
    I knew DF was in the military before I met him. It sucks being away from him, but I love him so I do what I got to do.
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    I would have never opted for the military lifestyle. Never saw myself with a military guy. However, life had different plans for me and now I wouldn't change it for the world.

    There are things I dislike about the military, but there are many more pros for me. I am very proud of my husband/sailor and think it's wonderful that he has chosen to serve our country for a living.

    I like that we will be able to travel, as well.
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    The military has not affected us in many ways that a comparable civilian job wouldn't have. I appreciate the job stability. I wouldn't mind a little more flexibility in where we could live. I don't like the military clinic here, but going there was my choice (rather than switching Tricares) so I don't blame the military for that one. Really though, I enjoy my family, I love my life, and the military signs our paychecks so I am grateful he works for them.
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    honestly, I it. Its not what I ever envisioned for my life professionally- and that's the part that's been the most challenging. But more than anything, I love my life with my husband and I wouldn't trade it for the world. And as 5th generation Navy (on both his Mom & Dad's sides), the military is the only life he's ever known. So its not like I have much choice. So I choose to love it.

    Yeah yeah I know... I bleed red, white & blue.
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    I like that it has opened me to a world I never knew existed. I mean, I am well traveled on my own, but where I am from NO ONE is in the military, so I was never exposed to it, and it was very abstract in my mind and (no offense), I never could see why anyone would ever do this. What idiots!...and now here I am, haha. To be honest though, if DB was making a career out of this, I would have to leave. He is the love of my life, but I had a plan for my life before I met him, something I have wanted since elementary school, to be a vet, and it is not possible to have a marriage where I would actually see my husband, have him be a career military and me be a vet. The 3 of those are incompatible, and I know I want two of them, so...bye bye military! Not for me, but now at least I can understand why it works for some people.

    Sorry if that was all jumbled. I had a rough path test today and had some wine to make myself feel better.
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    I was a military brat, so it really didnt change my life too much.

    As for the title of your thread...even if I wasnt in a relationship with a military memeber, I would still support the troops.
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    I love being a military family.. I wouldn't trade it for the world.. <3
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