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Thread: Boudoir Photos?

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    Boudoir Photos?

    A local photographer has a great deal on boudoir photos considering Valentine's Day is just around the corner... Hubby won't be here due to out-of-state training! But I thought that maybe giving him the boudoir pictures before he leaves would be a good idea?

    I've always been a little self-conscious about my weight/extra curves, after having a baby it made it a little worse, but he is constantly reminding me that he loves me and that's all that matters. So I want to do this for him, to show him that if he can love me and all of my flaws, well... I need to love me, too!

    Have any of you ever had these done? Willing to share pictures? What would you suggest? I'm not the type of girl to wear heels (I don't own ONE pair), as a new mom I don't always have the time to fix my hair/do my make-up... But I feel that this would remind him (mainly MYSELF) of the woman that I am.

    I made the appointment for Saturday and get three wardrobe changes, so...

    1. I was thinking of wearing the lingerie set I bought for our wedding night that didn't get used for obvious reasons

    2. He's a HUGE Ohio State fan, so I thought I'd use the jersey he has with a cute underwear of some sort.

    3. And last but not least I thought I'd use his ACU top with some pink lace underwear of some sort... I also have really pretty swarovski cross necklace that I thought would make it a little more feminine?

    Soooo, this is long, but I'd appreciate ANY advice/motivation you could give!
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    i don't have any suggestions but that sounds awesome!! i have tried to find someone near me that does it and i can't. good luck, i'm sure he will love them!!
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    I had my best friend take boudoir pictures of me for my husband's wedding gift. I didn't do anything special with my hair and she just put on some heavier eye makeup than I usually use.

    Get yourself a pair of heels! Just some nice black ones, you will eventually end up using them again, I promise.

    I think your outfit choices rock. Pick things that accentuate the attributes your man loves, (i.e. your butt, legs, etc) The photographer will do the rest honey!

    Oh and for motivation..... Anything your man sees of you being sexy FOR HIM is going to knock his socks off. You ARE beautiful and your photos WILL be amazing!
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    I did it for DH before he deployed. I did not want anything "pornographic," just sexy and classy, and the photog did a great job and doing that. They can do pretty much whatever you are comfortable with.

    I was REALLY nervous but it turned out to be really fun! Just relax, the photographer will know how to take advantage of every asset and downplay every bad part, and you can tell them what you do and don't want.
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    I think that's an awesome gift, and I adore the wardrobe choices you've made. He's going to love them, and I'd bet good money you will be proud of them, too! ENJOY IT!
    I miss him so much... but I love him even more. And that makes all the difference!
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    Oh Im so jelly that you are doing this! you'll look beautiful! And now everytime he sees that jersey he is going to think of you! This sounds amazing!!
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    I've been kicking the same idea around for some time, just have to save up some money. I found a local photographer that does it, and on the website, there is a woman who "has curves" and honestly, I think her pictures are absolutely fabulous because she knows she looks beautiful and is comfortable with herself! Your man loves you as you are, so go for it!! As long as they're tastefully done, why not?
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    Awesome ideas! I had an appointment scheduled to do the same and i chickened out..kudos to you..i did end up sending a dvd photo video of the same types of pics..he LOVE it!!!
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    Do it!!!! They are so much fun, and will make you feel great when you see how amazing you look in them.
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    I wanna see what comes up in this thread
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