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Thread: First Kiss

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    First Kiss

    Okay, I'm feeling all mushy today. I want to hear about your first kiss with your SO's. I'll start.

    He picked me up from the train station, and I was already so nervous I thought I was going to puke, and got out of his car walked right up to me and gave me a big ol' wet kiss. I was just going for a hug. Then he told me, "I figured it was best to get that out of the way first so we could relax and not worry about it." I was so shocked I couldn't talk right for a good 5 minutes while he stood there and laughed at me because I was all tongue tied.
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    DB and I didn't have a first individual kiss, we had many. We made out on his bed in his dorm room.
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    He came to Texas with my best friend's hubby and it was around christmas break so they were staying at her house. It was the first time we met, we all went out to eat at Chili's and when we got home we stayed in the same bed. I was just laying there and I told him to kiss me, and he did, and I said one more, and we had about 20 one more kisses.
    It was great.
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    My DB and I went on like a 14 hour date and the entire time I was waiting for him to kiss me. Well, it was about 1am and we decided the best place to go was of course a play ground. So we went up into this castle looking thing and it started to thunder and lightning. I was watching the storm roll in and he started to rub my back and then my neck and then he kissed me. Well then it really started to rain and we got trapped in a tornado warning, so instead of being safe we did the next best thing and made out in a plastic play ground castle for a few hours. lol :-)
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    After our first date, DB walked me to my car and kissed me very gently and sweetly.... And this was after 2 months of anticipation. It was perfect that he didn't try to devour me.
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    Yesterday. I had driven 6 hours, I was tired and wanted out of my car. He BOUNCED over to my car and opened the door. After snugglin me for a good 3 minutes, he looked at me and bam! He kissed me. It was AMAZING!
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    DF came to pick me up and brought me back onto post. He was house/dog sitting for his battle and brought me there to hang out. (And yes, he cleared it with him first lol) We were sitting on a oversized chair, playing thumbwars and rock paper scissors and we were laughing and just having a good time. We got quiet and he got that look in his eye, so I knew it was about to happen. He leaned over and kissed me sweetly and gently and pulled back to see my reaction. I must have had quite the look on my face, because after that, it was on like donkey kong. lol Making out rules!
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    Well first we had talked on the phone for over 8 years

    He came to the hotel I was staying at, we were sitting on the bed talking and just leaned in and kissed me.
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    I think we were sitting on a couch... he was acting so shy. He leaned over and kissed my forehead. So I just went for it and kissed him first, ha. I still tease him about that!
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    I flew to visit him for his birthday. I had horrible layovers and long flights so by the time I landed in Syracuse I was so nervous. I was taking the escalator down to baggage claim when I saw him standing there in ACUs waiting for me. He ran to the bottom of the escalator and I didnt even take two steps off before he scooped me up and kissed me. Everyone started clapping and when he finally put me down my head was spinning. It was a really memorable first kiss and he did the same pick me up and kiss me senseless at his homecoming from Afghan 2 1/2 years later.

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