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Thread: How to talk to him about it???

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    How to talk to him about it???

    So my soldier will be home in a few day's for his leave,im so excited!And im prego and were expecting out little girl anyday now but I wanna talk to him about something that bother's me when he gets here.He's an amazing guy who truely make's me happy and I could never want anybody else,and I know he loves me,but he does like to drink.He's not an alcoholic and this has nothing to do with trust but he bring's up drinking alot.Now I dont mind if he drink's on his leave cause he deserves it and I want him to enjoy himself and have fun but Im worried about when he comes home for good in August.I dont mind him drinking once in awhile and going out with the guy's but I dont want it to be to much or all the time now that we have a baby.Ill just want him to cut back on it and the way he always talks about it im afraid he wont,now I could be wrong...the min he see's our daughter it could change alot about him and hopefully make him mature alot.So idk how to bring it up to him in an understanding way that wont upset him or make him think i dont want him to have fun ever?or if I should even bring it up to him at all and just wait until he does get home for good and see how he acts?and if hes still talking about it all the time then bring it up.Weve already had our share of problems and I dont wanna create another one.So idk what to do
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    I'd suggest wait till he gets home and see how he acts and if you still think its a problem, there's nothing wrong with mentioning something. "Hey babe, I've noticed you talk about alcohol a lot, I don't know if you notice it or not, but it does make me uncomfortable so I'd really appreciate you scaling back on talking about it. Thanks babe." Don't blame him, just tell him how you feel.
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    I wouldn't address the problem until it's actually a problem.

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    I'd assume his past drinking behavior will probably be indicative of his future behavior.

    Also, I don't think many people think it's ok to get drunk in front of your children, so he probably already doesn't plan on doing that. I don't think men really enjoy getting drunk around screaming babies, either

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