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Thread: What do you love about your man?

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    What do you love about your man?

    What are your favorite qualities he has? Be mushy!
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    *He's strong (emotionally) when I'm not.
    *He loves me for me.
    *He calls or video chats with me daily when deployed.
    *He says he'll love me when we're old and wrinkly.
    *He is my best friend.

    *He calls me, after midnight my time, to tell me that he can't sleep and to tell me that he loves me before I fall asleep. (Yes, I just got off of the phone with him)
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    He loves me even when I am crazy
    He gave me a wonderful son
    He is an amazing dad
    He is not an emotional robot like me
    He makes me smile and laugh
    He cannot stay mad at me (and the same goes in reverse)
    He does not take us for granted
    He is a hotty mchotty pants (I am tellin you, our DS is a mini me of him, the girls are gonna have to look out when he is older, lol)

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    *He loves me for who I am, and tells me I look my best without makeup
    *He's taken my daughter in as his own. He cried the first time she called him Daddy.
    *He's and amazing Daddy
    *He's an amazing caring husband
    *He's always there for me no matter if he's working or not
    *He is a amazing provider
    *He tells me good night every night even while deployed, and tell me he misses his beautiful wifey.
    * He's not like many other men I've hear about/known and I love that about him.
    * He says he'll only love me more when we're old and our looks have faded with age.
    * He's literally saved my life, and he's my best friend.
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    He is my best friend
    He gives me the truth when I need it
    He is strong
    He has given up things that I believe to be wrong
    He is an AMAZING kisser
    He turns me on just by looking at me
    He is never late
    He loves me for the crazy person I am
    He is always growing as a person with me
    He is a 'Oh la la' type of guy
    He is a sassy pants
    He values his alone time and allows me to have mine
    And Im the FIRST girl he has ever said 'I love you' to!
    But most of all.... He makes me whole!
    I love DB
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    *He's my best friend
    *He's a secret softy
    *He takes fantastic care of his mother, and things have not been remotely easy between them, ever
    *He's just so yucky sweet all the time
    *He's a bigger dork than me (and I am STIFF competition.)
    *He takes care of Scout and I
    *He sings karaoke like a total badass
    *We may not have sex as often as I'd like, but he's ROCKIN when we do.
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    He loves me no matter how embarassing I can be haha (I'm really outgoing.. some people ask me if I'm drunk and it's kind of funny to be like nope, sober! I get some funny looks)
    He always wants whats best for me (as do I for him)
    He is not afraid to tell me what is on his mind, he's really open with me
    He always wants to sleep with me wrapped up in his arms
    He is a complete goon and makes me laugh all the freakin' time
    He is my best friend
    His angry face, its just so cute haha
    His laugh and his smile
    He is a super good cook!
    The way he kisses me
    The way he holds me
    To put it simply- lol, I just love everything about him. I wouldn't want one thing about him to change. I love it all.

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    I love to him
    thats my one and only reason
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessym View Post
    I love to him
    thats my one and only reason
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