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Thread: First Dates

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    First Dates

    What was your and your SO's first date like? I LOVE hearing these sorts of stores. Tonight is definitely an "AWWW" night for me

    Jason and I actually met on I was kinda nervous at first but he picked me up and took me out to dinner. We tried each other's food and it was so sweet! There was like 2 hours between the time we finished dinner and the moving starting so we just sat and talked for a while about everything. We went and saw a movie, and he kept moving his arm closer to mine on the arm rest. I finally leaned over and told him he could hold my hand if he wanted to. He blushed soooo badly and took my hand. Right before he was going to take me home after the movie, I was walking in front of him and turned around to say something and he picked me up and kissed me. (He's 6'2" and I'm 5'5") It was the best first date I've ever been on
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    Mushroomhead Concert.
    I painted his face up like the lead singer and we had a blast.
    My first concert I went to (technically)
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    We went to Philadelphia to visit my best friend and spent the night there. It was an awesome little road trip and we listened to awesome music.
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    We met online. Spent 3 months getting to know each other. I finally worked up the nerve to visit. I got here and he was late picking me up from the train station. I had a minor freakout that I was going to be stranded in a place I had never been to. But he showed up. We went to the hotel, and wound up having sex. We were going to go see a movie for our first date, and we missed the first half hour of it.
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    Well DB were in high school, so we watched a movie on his couch while his mom got us bowls of ice cream

    But our first real date...we had a picnic at a park and then walked around our little town eating ice cream

    clearly I like ice cream
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    DB and I never had set dates. Ya know, never asked me out or called them that. We would just hang out... a lot. But I guess I could count the day that we said that we liked each other as our "first date".

    We would always have to hang around his mom's work. Luckily there was a small cafe and a bowling alley right near there.

    It was a cold December night, and like we always did, we went to the cafe and order iced coffees and sat outside. We were sitting out there talking forever like always when he decided to play "Truth or Dare" and he asked me who I liked. I'm soooo shy that I did everything I could to avoid answering. I still hadn't answered and we decided to go sit in the bowling alley. Again he kept trying to get me to tell him but I wouldn't budge... so he stole a safety pin from my jeans and threatened to stab himself with it so I gave in and said that I liked him. He laughed and said, "Finally after an hour and all I had to do was pretend to hurt myself!... I like you too."

    After we played a stupid game of keep-away with a pen and then we continued sitting there talking while he held my hand

    Come what may, I will love you until the end of time.
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    We didn't really have real dates until we were already a couple...but I guess this kinda counts. We met over 4th of July weekend 2008 because his roommate was my friend's ex. They got stationed in TX and me and my friend were in CO, so her ex road tripped up to see her and brought his roommate. We had a BBQ and some drinks, which is how we ended up hooking up, and the next day we went to Boulder Creek to go tubing. I was ahead of him in line to rent my tube, which was $10. I had a $20 so I paid, got change, and waited for my tube to get blown up. He asked if I had change for a $20, I told him no I only had a ten. He said "that'll work" and snatched the $10 out of my I realized he had wanted to pay for my tube. Then we all went down the creek which was flowing crazily so we all got beat up on the rocks haha. I am a big baby so I didn't wanna go down anymore, so I put my tube in a calm pocket of water and propped my feet up on it, shivering. He came over and sat behind me and put his arms around me to warm me up, and we sat there watching our friends keep going down cause they're more badass than us haha.

    Here's a pic from the first day we met...and yes, that's my thong on his face, haha.

    And here is a pic from our first date, tubing!
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    Awww these stories are cute so far!
    Our first date was nothing special. We were both just willing to see each other after a few years that we decided to met up somewhere. So I went to his house and we ended up talking on his couch from 7pm to 4 am! It was an instant connection!
    I always told him he had to take me on a 'real' date. And that he did. We went to dinner at a really nice restaurant downtown. Then he took me on horse and carriage ride around downtown. It was super pretty with all of the Christmas lights. We ended the night ice skating! It was super sweet and well planned out!
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    Both of us are in Va Beach
    I posted our first date in "worst first date" thread, but basically our first date went like this.

    We met in the parking lot of Shop N Save and he took me to his friend's house where I watched him and his friends play rock band. Then we went to his other friend's house and smoked hookah and played truth or dare (we were 20 and 19 at the time so it was weird) I got dared to kiss his female best friend before I even kissed him. Then I had to watch his gay friend slap Df's butt. It was awkward since I didn't know these kids and really didn't know Df. Then one of his friends from the first house called him and told him he ran his car off the road and hit a fence and he needed Df to come and try and tow him out. I went with him and in the process of pulling the car out almost crashed the car we were in into a wall and I seriously thought I was going to die. We spent the rest of the night cuddling and kissing on the couch while his friends were sleeping around us. After all the weirdness of the night I still really liked him, odd, but that's one of the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place.

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    I met db on valentines day at my previous job. I was waitress and he was there with friends having dinner. I remeber the whole night all the guys were flirting so I didn't think much of it plus they all were coupled up. My shift came to an end and they were still there having drinks. I walked to my car and db walks behind me and introduces himself. We talked for a bit I was hesitant to give him my # (since he was there with another girl and also I was omw to meet with a guy I had been dating for about a year) and honestly didn't think I would hear from him again. I lived in LA and he told me he was stationed in SD. He contact me two days later we met up for dinner and went out dancing after that we were unseperateble. He would come down everyweekend from SD on Friday and leave on Sunday. It was getting hard to say goodbye on Sundays so I ended up coming to SD with him <3 We always talk about the first time we met and how we were truely made for eachother.
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