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Thread: Feeling Distant

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    Feeling Distant

    My DH is in ATT about to be going into A school. These last couple weeks have been rough for him, studying and standing watch. He has open learning on the weekends to get things done that he didnt do so well on in the previous week. I understand this is a stressful time for him, and I try to not be selfish but, I feel so distant from him. When he comes home all he wants to do is surf the web and watch TV. I usually end up falling asleep so we never have time to be intimate or spend time talking. I get so sad when I lay in bed alone, and all I want is to cuddle or talk like we used to before. I talked to him about it last night and all he could say was " you dont know what its like, im overwhelmed"

    any of you ladies ever gone through this? I just need some advice and support.
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    When it comes to MEN in the military, they tend to get distant at times. He does have alot on his mind as to being able to support his family and everything that his job puts on him. My df is deployed and we get distant at times, but i remember his job does have to come first in this one. It really does suck but everything hes doing, he is doing for you and his family. Maybe just tell him, you would like to cuddle, watch a movie, spend alittle US time. Dedicate one night to a date night. But be strong we are here for you.

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