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Thread: I am such a baby!

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    I am such a baby!

    I need to grow a pair and step it up!

    I was going to ask my friend what is happening between him and I this morning, but i chickened out! It was a good time to and everything, but i missed the opportunity.

    I'm just such a baby about this... I'm scared to even ask him. He doesn't like to show his feelings, like most guys....

    R.I.P. My Love, Everyone was supposed to come home together, I'm sorry you had to come home early
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    When I need to confront someone about an important issue my heart races, my stomach gets butterflies, and my throat goes really dry and feels like it's closing up. The only way I get it out is to grab a glass of water and then just tell the person we need to talk. I am sure you will get it all figured out. I know you will and can do what you need to do.
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    I'm sorry girl!!!!!!
    misskrissyo is my partner in crime Fifi is my lover

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