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Thread: The cats are interfering

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    The cats are interfering

    This is more of a venting post, than an asking advice post, because i know what i should probably do, but don't want to, but still feel free to offer any honest advice.

    You all have probably seen my posts about my friend, who I sort of have a relationship with, but its more leaning towards friends with benefits than anything. We are very close friends, and i sleep over at his house practically every night. He also lives with my best friend (my old roommate), and two other girls who lived on our dorm floor. (yes, he lives with 3 girls, and no hes not gay )

    Now for the problem, one of his roommates has two cats. I'm allergic to cats, but i've managed to survive spending so much time over there, with a lot of help from my friend Benadryl. Right now i'm at home for break, and haven't been around the cats, and i can tell that my allergies/eczema have been better, though that could be due to other things. Also, on top of just being in the same house, the cats love me, and have taken to sleeping on his bed, exactly where i sleep. (its like they know!)

    I love sleeping there, and i really don't want to give it up, but i know my health is kind of at stake. Plus taking benadryl every night to go to sleep is probably not good. I know exactly what the solution is, to stop sleeping there, that its really not worth it, but i guess it is to me kind of.

    Sorry for the rant/vent
    R.I.P. My Love, Everyone was supposed to come home together, I'm sorry you had to come home early
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    My husband has a prescription for his allergies to our cats, but it is basically the same ingredients as Claritin. It works for him and one of the cats does spend a lot of time in our bed.
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    I would ask if he could please vacuum before you come over, and keep the cat out of the bedroom. My husband isn't allergic, but is anal about having cat hair on the bed, so my cat isn't allowed in our bedroom. Plus, no curious kitty being creepy during sexy time!

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