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Thread: Anyone ever felt like this??

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    Question Anyone ever felt like this??

    Ive been with the boy for a while now and we're both at the age of starting to settle down and all . . . I know that I want a family and everything one day which for me would need to involve marriage. . . however I hate that divorce is such a common thing now a days and it scares me. Specially when you realize that even the most compatable people can end up in divorce I've seen couples who were happy for 20 years all of a sudden hit a downward and divorce. . .

    Anyhow . . . does anyone feel like this. . . like you want to get married but its such a scary thing that you dont really.

    At this point its like i just want him to want to marry me but not actually do the dead lol.
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    All I can say is about it. Marriage is such a blessing and even though I had one not work out, I'm looking forward to my future with DB whatever that may be. I ed being married and hope I have found the right person to be with. Its work and its worth it, every moment.
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    You just have to have FAITH. It's hard. I witnessed my parents' divorce and though they got back together, it terrified me. I want to be with DB for the long haul, but it's only because I have faith in myself, our relationship, and ultimately him.

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