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Thread: Falling for somebody you've never met? (long)

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    Falling for somebody you've never met? (long)

    Ex-DB and I broke up a couple weeks ago. He just didn't put any effort in the relationship at all towards the end.
    Like I tried calling him for about 2 weeks and he didn't answer his phone even once and outside of general smalltalk on a messanger there was like no communication between us

    So it turned out he doesn't want to be in a relationship at all right now and when I asked him if he had ever been in love with me, he just said "I'm not sure" (We dated for almost 10 months!)

    Soooo anyway a couple days after we ended things I met this awesome guy online..
    First I was just interested in friendship and an English Buddy (I recently moved back to Germany and was looking for somebody I can talk English to so I wouldn't lose it )

    But there is something about this guy.. like wow!!
    I've never had that happen to me before, but we can talk for hours without running out of things to say.

    And we are both amazed by the fact that we already miss each other even though we never met in person.
    He even told me: " I'm usually very afraid to start getting involved with a woman, but I can't stop myself with you"
    And this is exactly how I feel!!

    It probably sounds crazy and is hard to understand for everybody else but I feel like I'm falling for this guy

    Well we won't be able to meet before he gets back from a training in about 2 weeks but if there's chemistry between us when we meet, I don't think theres anything that will be able to stop me from falling head over heels.

    Do you guys think I'm rushing things and should wait longer?
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    Just be careful. Proceed with caution. I personally would spend some time with myself.

    That's really all the advice I can give.
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    Just be careful And if you guys do meet in person take it slow.
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    with the above. It's normal to think you're falling for someone new after a bad breakup, and you very well may be. Just be careful and don't put yourself out there. You'll want to fall head over heels for him as soon as possible, but you need to control yourself. Good luck, I hope it works out for you!
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    I def agree that you need to be careful. You are fresh out of a break up from a guy who didn't give you the attention you needed, so when a guy starts giving you that attention, it's so easy to get wrapped up in it. I've been online dating forever, and I know people who have never done it, don't get it. But I also know that because you talk to these people so much before meeting, and you really do make a strong emotional bond with them. Hopefully if/when you meet, that bond is strengthened, but there's a possibility it won't. I've met some amazing guys online, including my best guy friend when we were like, 15 on AOL! Unfortunately I've seen the sucky side of it too, in which guys act like they're crazy over me and once they get what they want, disappear. So just take your time with it. Good luck with him!
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    I agree with all of the PP to BE CAREFUL. However, if you enjoy talking to someone, there is nothing wrong with that. Just try to guard your feelings a little until you get to know them.

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    Honestly, he could just be a rebound. Sometimes you don't know it yet but you'll realize it later. Just proceed with caution like the other ladies said. When you talk to people on the internet it's a lot different then speaking to people in person, they can say whatever they want without even having to face you. It's easier for them to sweet talk you. Just be careful.
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    I agree with everyone else. Be careful and take it slowly.
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    I met DH online and fell for him before I met him in person, however that being said, I was preggo with ODS when we met online and I took things really slow e.g. was about 6 mths before I gave him my phone number and we had been talking online 1 yr before we met in person.

    It could just be that you are on the rebound and you really like the idea of someone talking soo sweet to you that you are making your self believe you are falling for him. I personally would take some time to myself (especially because you only broke up with your ex 2 weeks ago) and then in a few months if you are both still interested, meet and see how it goes then.

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    I, also, met my husband online and met him in person a couple days later.

    Honestly, you should meet him in person before you get deeper into your relationship. There are A LOT of fradulent people out there who prey on one's vulnerability.
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