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Thread: Married at 19???

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    Married at 19???

    Hey Im 19 and am wondering if that is too young to get married? I have been dating my sailor for a little over a year and would probably marry him this summer. Everyone is telling me that I am too young and should finish college first but i don't know if that is right for me. Thoughts?
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    Personally, I would finish school first, then get a job, then think about getting married. That's just me though.

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    Honestly, love has no age restrictions. But I think if you have to ask, you're not ready. s that's just me.
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    If you're feeling even a tiny bit hesitant or reluctant, wait until you're ready (no matter how long it might take)

    That being said, there are literally DOZENS of ladies on here who were married young (some even younger than 18) who have happy, health and long-lasting marriages.
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    I think it CAN be a mature enough age. If you have to ask though, you should probably wait. It should be something you're SURE about and confident enough in to defend to anyone rather than asking their opinion.
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    You know what... when you know you know! Thats what my mom always taught me!

    My mom was engaged at 17... married my dad at 18... and 31 years later they're still happily married!
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    totally up to you and how mature you and your DB are...

    My parents didn't get married till they were in their 40's (yes they were each others first marriage)
    but on the other hand one of the most successful relationships I've ever seen was a couple that got married at 17 and are now celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary.

    It totally depends on if you're really ready, there's a lot of hard times ahead, some are aggravated by getting married early, but if you're ready for the fight and he's really "the one" then no, you're not to young
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    Just truly make sure.... I got with my ex dh @ 21 &married him @ 24 we had our son when I was 28 & then when I turned 30 things started going down hill. I felt like I grew up in a way & the things I accepted before I didn't anymore. We started going different directions. I tried for 5 years to make it work but we ended up splitting. But one thing was I felt like I missed out on my 20's. I'm not saying this will happen to you... I just want you to make sure before you do anything so you end up in a marraige that lasts till the end of time.

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    19 would be too young for me. I'm 27, and I still don't feel like I'm ready for marriage. If we weren't under such time constraints, we wouldn't be getting married next summer. But it doesn't matter what anybody else says. The only thing that matters is what you think. Do you think you are too young?
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    I agree. if you have to ask, I would say you are too young. Why the rush? You really haven't been dating that long. I know for me, I wanted to graduate from college before getting married.
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