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Thread: WOAH! Hell must have frozen over.

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    WOAH! Hell must have frozen over.

    I just got an apology email from his mother, with NO back-handed comments. I am so confused!

    Hi Kyle and Brianna,

    I thought it best to write to both of you and hopefully this time, nothing will be misunderstood. As I was driving up to Dixfield the other day, I was thinking about my life, my family and all that has been going on.
    Anger and bitterness can breed hate as well as good words, forgiveness and kindness can breed love. I do not have a handle on being perfect and I know that I never will. I do want to share something with the both of you though.
    I want to apologize for bad mouthing Brianna in all the ways I have. That was very wrong. For this I am sorry. I am giving you a sincere apology.
    I understand that we probably will never see "eye to eye" on all matters, because there are things that I still disagree with, and there are obvious personality differences. I did want to correct things on my behalf. Now the ball is in your court!
    Kyle's response? "Holy fuck balls."

    I am so baffled that I can't form a coherant sentence, let alone a response.
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    I would thank her for her apology... and let her know that you look forward to mending whatever is broken... or something?

    Honestly, she is the devil, but she's also K's momma. Might wanna suck it up and do what you can to be cordial. At least that way, if it blows up, it's not YOUR fault.
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    Wow! Good thing she seems to be trying! I'm glad she apologized!
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    wow, I don't have a clue what to say.
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    Wow... I would take a day to form a coherant message back. A good response will come to you - I'm sure of it!

    Finally together in Okinawa and ready to start some new adventures together!
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    Wow, I don't even know what to say to that, I'm speechless too

    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Brite View Post
    There needs to be a blowing rainbows, sunshine, butterflies, and happiness up an asshole smiley.
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    Good for her, trying to make an attempt to better herself.

    I would simply reply with whatever is your honest/sincere feelings. You forgive her? Great. You just want to keep cordial? That works. Whatever it is though you should be honest about it.

    Sometimes almost losing something is what makes a person wake up. She might have figured out that if she kept on alienating you that eventually her son would distance himself from her.

    Print it out, hang it on the refrig.
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    If it were me...I would acknowledge her newfound attitude about you, thank her for the apology and tell her I accepted it.

    I am so happy for you! Once the shock was over, it must've been such a relief!
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    Wow that's great! Very big of her to apologise like that. I only hope her newfound effort to get on with you will last.

    Do you feel like that is enough to get past the bad feelings?
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    I wonder if my MIL will ever apologise like that probably not

    For sure thank her for the apology
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