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Thread: So it's official, I'm single

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    So it's official, I'm single

    So he was supposed to have staff duty last weekend for getting arrested but someone else pissed off the sgt more and they changed it to CQ duty on Thursday night. So I went up there Saturday after I got off work and right away I knew something wasn't right, but I figured it was just me and my insecurities. But he would silence his phone when it rang or if I walked out of a room and he was on the phone he would hang up immediately. So I asked him flat out if he was cheating on me and he said "NO NO NO" of course. Well I dropped him off on post and left to come back home and normally I get text after text wanting to know where I am and if I'm ok this time, nothing. I get home and call him to let him know I got here ok and he says ok and basically hangs up on me (didn't even say I love you). Well then Monday (my bithday) I don't hear ANYTHING from him. Not even a text that says good morning or happy birthday or anything! So I called him Monday night and told him he need to fess up or end it. He finally admitted to the fact that he's been cheating on me.

    It's been a rough couple of days. I'm done and I'm trying to look at it from a positive stand point but it's not anything easy to do.
  2. I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.
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    I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.
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    i'm so sorry. what a jerk.

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    I'm so sorry! What a horrible person.
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    What a ball-less little jerk! He couldn't admit to cheating on you to your face but can do it over the telephone? You are better off. I'm so sorry you are going through this, I wish there was something I could say that would make you feel better!

  5. ARMY WIFE forever his <3
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    We are back home in Indiana!
    im so sorry hun!!!
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    What an asshat! Didn't even have the balls to tell you to your face. I know it hurts now but you are better off without someone who treats you so poorly!

    Hang in there!

    "Don't worry about being right,
    just worry about being kind."
    ~Tilly Therber
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    I'm sorry hun!

    I think this is for the better. You'll find someone perfect for you someday. You deserve better than a cheater and someone who is selfish enough to drink and drive.
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    What a jerk.

    Sounds to me like you're better off without this guy.

    I'm really sorry you're going through this. Lots of PM me if ya wana chat!
  9. eres el amor de mi vida <33
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    I am so sorry! If you want i'll go kick his ass for you. Nobody deserves that at all. He is a total jackass for doing such a thing to you.
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    He sucks.

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