So Iím Catholic and DF was when he was really young, but they got turned away by the church because they couldnít afford to pay for CCD/religious ed classes and things went downhill from there. I would like to get married in the Catholic Church and he has known that long before he proposed and knows we have to take some marriage prep classes.

Heís not super excited and jokes about it and it rubs me the wrong way. I would like to bring it up sometime (heís deployed) and try and put a positive spin in it. Iím not super excited about the classes either, but I think we can get some good out of them. I know there is more to it than just religious stuff or at least I hope there is.

Has anyone taken Catholic marriage prep lately and if so what did they involve specifically? What did you think of them? I know I could call and ask a priest, but Iím hoping to get some realistic feedback from someone whoís experienced them.