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Thread: Am I overreacting?

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    Am I overreacting?

    Ok so this morning started out great. I was in a good mood. So I get to work and check my facebook like I always do, I click on DB's name to see if he updated his status this morning and guess what I see? He's commented on some girls status (that's fine he's got lots of friends that are girls) so I click on the link that says status to see what he said (because I'm nosey) and he said "You always look good babe" on her status where she said something about make herself pretty or something.

    Ok so here's the deal, I saw that and my stomach sank. Am I overreacting to him calling someone else babe? Or would you be suspicious too?

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    I would personally be very upset if my DF called anyone else Babe and it wasn't in a joking manner...
    I'd be super suspicious and pretty upset : (
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    I'm not saying this is the "right" way to react, but I know my heart would sink and I'd be suspicious. I do not call other people "babe" or "baby"... and my DH always calls me "baby" and I would NOT be okay with him calling anyone else that.
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    Yeah, that would bother me too. I would probably ask him if he thinks that's okay, if it's out of his character. (Sounds like he isn't a natural flirt, or you'd be used to it by now haha) I don't think you're over reacting, that would irk me too.
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    If he is known to commonly call friends that are girls babe then I wouldn't worry but from the sound of your post, it isn't common. It could be totally innocent but maybe bring it up to him in a non accusatory way. Has he known her a long time?
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    Id be curious about it. I wouldn't have been too worried until I read that he called her "babe". I sometimes call my sisters and girlfriends babe, but id feel weird if DH called his female friends that. Id ask him about it.
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    That's a hard one for me. I still talk to my very first (ex) boyfriend occasionally, so when he posted a picture of himself on facebook, I responded with: "Lookin' good, Handsome!" And he replied, "Thanks, Beautiful."

    My husband knows we chat, actually, they've met a few times and Nathan (ex) was my boyfriend from when I was 14 (and I'll be 30 in September). So... I guess it really depends on YOUR comfort level. Obviously there's nothing going on with my ex, and my husband isn't a jealous type, so that's OK. (I'll be the first to admit that I'm a hypocrite, and I probably wouldn't be too stoked if I saw my husband call someone Babe. But that's not really his style to begin with.)

    I don't know - I guess it's something that will require some deep personal reflection, and if you realize after some thought that you're not OK with your DB calling other girls pet names, then have an adult conversation about it. Don't flip out, otherwise he'll think you're being psycho crazy girlfriend. Just be real mature about it. This hurt my feelings because....:

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    I'd be furious and probably wondering how he knows this girl, who she is, do they talk often etc...

    I just don't feel it's nessecary for a taken man to be complimenting another woman on her looks in such a way, & the way he worded it was completely wrong and it's not right to be calling another woman 'babe'.

    I would definately confront him if I were you

    & I'm sorry you had to feel that stomach sink - I HATE that feeling.
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    i would definately (calmly) talk to him about it. just not in an accusatory way so he won't get defensive or think that you don't trust him. i have a male friend who in NO WAY am romantically linked to that calls me babe sometimes. pretty sure he calls our other female friends that too - but it's super friendly and innocent. so maybe THAT'S what's going on??? just trying to be optimistic
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    I'd probably be a little upset if DH ever called anyone else babe...but I agree with what some of the other girls have said.. talk to him about it, calmly! & hash it out.

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