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Thread: Am I crazy...?

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    Am I crazy...?

    I feel like I'm in love.

    It's so new, I'm just not quite sure. I cannot get him off my mind. I feel like a child again; so giddy and happy. I want to tell him that I have so much faith that he's meant for me, that I'd marry him this second. How do I do this without feeling so crazy?

    I just keep keeping it to myself. But I want to yell it from the rooftops. I want everyone to know.

    Only you guys know though. I'll see him in 10 days. What do I do then?

    Yep...this is all in my head. I feel crazy.

    You're welcome.
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    the best thing to do is just be honest, tell him everything that you tell us on here ... i'm sure he'd love to hear it! good luck and im soo excited for you to see him in 10 days!

    be yourself and have fun!

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    Nope, you're not crazy. Love can make ya feel that way sometimes though
    I think you should tell him
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    Yea your crazy KIDDING!!!

    Its love! Love makes you feel that way Be honest and take it day by day. If you keep it in to long you might explode
    10 more days!!!!!!
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    I agree...definitely tell him. My boyfriend and I weren't together long at all before we told eachother and I was feeling it for at least a week before we actually said it. He said he was too but was afraid to 'jump'...which was exactly how I was too.
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    You're not crazy! It's how you feel you can't change that. Let him know how you feel. I waited to tell DB, but when I did it was basically and "Omg I've been waiting and waiting to tell you the same thing" type moment. It was pretty funny in hindsight

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