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Thread: boyfriend just called

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    boyfriend just called

    So it's 5:44 in the morning where I live and my boyfriend just called to tell me good morning. I havnt slept at all tonight. Like I explained in my recent post I havnt been able to sleep since he left. Well anyways he asked me how I slept and I told him I havn't and he asked why and I told him why and he took a deep breath and let it out and I asked him what was wrong and he said he was worried about me. I really need to take some medicine so I can get some sleep so he wont kill me. lol. But I do love how he's there for me.
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    i don't know if your DB is deployed or not. If he is be careful on making him worry. However it is very cute that he is there for you. I hope you get some sleep soon!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by soldiersgirl_08 View Post
    i don't know if your DB is deployed or not. If he is be careful on making him worry. However it is very cute that he is there for you. I hope you get some sleep soon!!!!!!
    I agree... sometimes i white lie on things so he wont worry.

    IMO, if he cant fix it and its not a true issue that needs to be worried about, he probably dosent need to know about it, at least not right now.
    Thats what I do anyway, not trying to say thats what you should do, just to make that clear.

    But i do hope you get some sleep soon.
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    I have white lied before too, sometimes it helps you both. If there's something wrong I feel like I get a lot of pressure from DH to fix it and it just stresses us both out.

    Either way I hope the medicine helps with your sleeping.
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    Aww, I think your sleeping issue will eventually work out once you get used to him being gone. Try not to worry him, like the others have said sometimes you have to tell little white lies, you don't want him taking it the wrong way and feeling like it's his fault for you not being able to sleep. Good luck with trying the meds, I hope they work for you and things begin to get easier
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    I agree, it'll even itself out as you get used to him not being there. It may take a little while though. I went through the same thing when DF left back in january. It took a while and to be honest, I still have nights where I don't get much sleep.

    I've white lied to him, but then DF will ask me why I was on one of my sites at 3am or somthing. He checks up on me and I love it.. Til I get "Why can't you sleep baby?" and etc.
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    Try to get some sleep and don't worry him if it can be avoided. He needs to know you are okay, if it gets to the point where you HAVE to tell him, then tell him but don't make him worry k?

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    congrats on the phone call girl!

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    Glad you got the call, girl. Congratulations!

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