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Thread: Your First Date

  1. "Never regret anything that once made you smile"
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    "Never regret anything that once made you smile"
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    Your First Date

    On the radio show I listen to on my way to work they were talking about first dates and why your remember most about your first date and when you decided that you liked the person enough to have a second date.

    So, what do you remember most about your first date? What did you SO do that made you want to go out with them again?

    My first official date with just the two of use was about a week after we met. We went to Chili's on a Friday night and what I remember most is that somehow the conversations turned to his old job working on a Dairy farm in WI. And the decided to explain to me how when a cow's stomach gets twisted you have to cut open his side by the ribs, stick your hands in and physically untwist the stomach....yeah, after that lovely detailed conversation I started to regret ordering the burger lol

    But that conversation is actually what made me really like him and want to keep dating him. He was honest and wasn't trying to impress me by talking about his car or how he is such a hero in the military, or any of the other things that guys normally say. He was just being himself and I liked that. Plus I like country boys and I was thinking to myself, 'now this is a REAL country man' lol.

    Funny part is he actually told a year or so later that he WAS trying to impress me, and apparently that kind of stuff is impressive to country farm girls in WI haha
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    I remember walking into the bar and seeing him smile, stand up to come and greet me. I was a goner. We talked for hours and it felt so natural. I even leaned in to kiss him first he still teases me about that. I told him on our next "first" date after deployment he can kiss me first!
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    he took me out to dinner. then we walked around a park and snuggled on a bench

    the best was when he grabbed my hand when i got in the car the first time...the first time a guy held my hand in a "romantic" way

    I <3 Thirty-One! Summer Catalog is here! Ship to APO/FPO Join my team today!
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    We went to see Shrek 2 We were still in high school. I remember telling him in class that I saw it and liked it and I'd like to see it again *wink wink*. He asked me to see it and the rest is history.
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    He picked me up at my house and we went to the Olive Garden and had a fabulous time talking over a terrific dinner. He opened all the doors for me and even the car door I had mentioned before our date I had never been able to find the Little Dipper. So he took me to a beautiful park and we laid out on a blanket, looking at the stars and talking. There were still too many lights where we were to actually see the Little Dipper, but we saw a few shooting stars and lots of airplanes It just felt right to be around him
    It's the greatest feeling to be dating him, he is truly a wonderful person.
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    Went to a nice dinner, drove around to look at Christmas lights, then went to a friends for hot coco and Scrabble It was so cute, and he opened my doors, proved he was smart (we won at Scrabble!) and made me laugh, I knew I was done for after that!
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    On our first official date, I drove down from New York to Maryland and met my boyfriend at his house on base. It had just snowed about 50 inches the week before, and crossing to get to his front door was quite difficult. Yet we still managed to get my bags and stuff into the house before going to dinner. We went to Baltimore and ate at Fogo de Chao, a GREAT Brazilian place that serves meat freshly cut to your table. We had been talking for five weeks before we went on our first date, and it just felt natural as if we had been doing it for years.

    We went back to his place, and I went to take a shower and put on PJ's, and before I came down the stairs, he told me to wait. When he called me to come down the stairs, he had lit candles everywhere in the living room and had a bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes waiting. It was the sweetest thing EVER. I knew then he was a keeper. <3
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    The biggest thing I remember from our first date friends crashing it. DH picked me up at my college house and we went to dinner. About a half hour of being there, I see my two roomates trying to flag me down. I excuse myself to the restroom and dash to the bathroom to meet my friends (thinking there is a real emergency). Turns out they came to make sure I was ok.

    Reason they asked if I was ok is because they knew he was a officer and therefore know he had a gun on him/in his car. They said when I left the house they were so worried I was getting into a car and going somwhere with someone who had a gun.

    I guess my "watchful friends" grew on him...he never left!
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    Well, in January, I moved in with 3 guys...2 of which I knew for forever, 1....I'd met once before. The one I'd only met once was with me one weekend alone..our other 2 roommates were gone. So he said "I'm starvin, let's go out to dinner." So we did....and we started liking each other from then on out, so we kind of count that as our first date. He made fun of me because I got salad Now our relationship is pretty much awesome! Moved here thinking "cool, it'll be kinda fun living with 3 guys" and my move was so random and spur of the moment! I just think "damn, if I didn't move, I would have never met him!" So yay for random dinner dates with roommates that bring you together
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    I guess it was a Mushroomhead Concert xDD
    It was cute c:
    He and I would talk to eachother in class on Microsoft word xD
    And we were talking about the concert,
    and he typed up
    "Um, How would you feel about going to the concert with a boyfriend?"
    I stared at him for like half a minute thinking "WAIT. Is he asking me to be his girlfriend!?!?!?" Lol.
    I'm slow : P
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