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    I'm thinking about talking to DH to go on a couples/marriage retreat...maybe not right now, but in a few months once we've had some time to grow...but I don't really know how to go about looking for one. Does anybody have any good resources for that? I want to have some resources before I talk to him about it, so that we can discuss. Obviously, I am googling it, but sometimes you ladies have a higher quality of information!
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    Those are done through the chaplains office here. They have at least 3 a year with priority going to those who are deploying. Husband and I ended up attending when he got back from deployment cause his job wouldn't let him have the time off to attend it before he deployed. For us, it was $50 for Friday through Sunday. With activities you can do in addition to the talks/relationship shops you have to attend.

    I'll be honest, some of it was boring and I always felt in a rush cause while they provided free child care, it was too much running around dropping my daughter off, driving back to attend one of the talks, picking daughter up, driving back for lunch, then dropping her back off to turn around again and come back for another talk, then pick her up and do one of the activities or went back to the cabin. But, if you want to get away and spend some time, there you go.

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