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Thread: I at a crossroad

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    Confused I at a crossroad

    Can everyone pray/hope for me and dh. I feel like I can't connect with him anymore. It seems like everytime I try to talk to him about something he decides to argue with me.

    Tonight it just seemed like it got worse. I am studying for finals and I accidently left an food wrapper on paper which underneath it was DH's laptop. He flip out and now he won't even talk to me. Everytime I try to talk to him now he rolls his eyes and ignores me.

    people say he is trying to re adjust to life being home but its been almost 2 months.

    I try to tell him how I feel and he tells me if you don't like it you can leave there is the door.

    Im so confused. prayers please everyone.
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    Aw, I'm sorry. I think it takes a while to readjust, but it's really good that you acknowledge that's what the issue might be. Don't give up
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    I'm sorry and I hope and pray everything will be good soon

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