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Thread: the first time you met

  1. "Never regret anything that once made you smile"
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    "Never regret anything that once made you smile"
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    Love the first time you met

    Do you remember the very first time you met your SO?

    Sunday was the 2 year anniversary of the night that I met my husband

    I met my husband at an 18 and over country western bar. I had just finished my freshman year in college and I was out with a girlfriend having a good time (I was going through a wild/crazy phase that lasted about 3 months lol). He had recently been stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA.

    My friend is really into black boys and so she wanted to dance with the one black guy at the bar lol. I was her "wingman" so I started dancing with on of the other guys in their group (my husband).

    He sucked at dancing lol. The man practically ran away from me and wouldn't touch me at all, there were probably 2 feet between us haha. Apparently he thought I was into one of the other guys and he left. His friend (the black guy) had to text him and tell him that I thought he was cute lol

    So when he finally figured out I was interested in him we spend the rest of the night talking and dancing.

    When it came time to leave my friend and I invited the two guys back to our place (I know, we were skanks that is not at all a safe thing to do lol). We spent the night together (no we didnt do it lol) and then went to breakfast the next day.

    When I dropped him off he asked for my number. Apparently he liked me even though I didnt really make a very good first impression with the whole sleep over thing lol, and he asked me out for the next weekend. We spend the next weekend together and after that we were officially dating.

    6 months later he proposed and 9 months later we got married

    I always joke with him that he is my one night stand that turned into forever haha. We have been happily married for over 15 months

    I feel so lucky that I met him that night, he has made me so happy. We are both really lame and never go out drinking or partying lol, so it really is luck that I met such a good guy at a bar.

    What's your story? How did you meet your SO for the first time?
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    We met on MySpace- talked for a few weeks via email, IM, phone, whatever. The day we met in person is a day I will never forget, because it's also the last day I ever did meth (or any other drug, but that was the big one).

    He called me, I wasn't feeling well (because of the meth that day which he didn't know about until much later), he said I should come over and crash on his couch and watch a movie, so I did. We watched Shrek 2, and by the end of the night he asked me to be his girlfriend.

    Not romantic at all, but a huge day in my history. We celebrate that day every year bigger than we celebrate our wedding anniversary.
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    I was waiting for my ride from school to come pick me up, they had fallen asleep. I was sitting in the student lounge area watching the news and he came up to me and we started talking about nothing in particular. Then a story about how men and women act towards each other when they started dating came on and we discussed how people can't change each other because a part of what make a person attractive to another is something that was already there. Anywho, I told him upfront that I was crazy (honestly) and he seemed to be cool with it. My ride showed up and I heard this music in my head (again, I AM crazy so go with it) and I asked him if he'd like my number. He said yes and we went out that weekend. We've been together ever since.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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    Met in person (we met online) I was standing at the Brisbane (Aust) Airport waiting for him for an hour cause his plane was late, he walked out and we just kinda looked at eachother like "are you you?" and then hugged and gave eachother a kiss. I was freaking out for like the last 30 mins asking myself if I should stay or run. I'm glasd I stayed though.

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    We met in high school the first time...soooo I don't really remember. Especially since he was 2 grades younger...I just thought of him as a little boy

    I do remember the night we "re-met" and started hanging out...we ran into each other at the bowling was the night after my WORST date ever and I had sworn off dating or guys till the end of summer

    We exchanged numbers and hung out a few times and then here we are over a year later
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    we met on a camping trip...a mutual friend introduced us. that first night he caught my eye when he volunteered to give me his seat around the fire bc the smoke was coming at cute

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    I don't remember it was so long ago! I know we had a lunch in the same class (middle school) but I don't remember exactly how
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    Yes. We originally met online, then decided to meet in person. We met at the Dairy Queen downtown and decided to just spend time talking. We went for a walk along the beach and downtown. We ended up walking and talking for over 5 hours and it felt like it was only a minute. I remember I got the vibe that he was only interested in me as a friend and then he asked me to go out again and I was shocked. We were so engrossed in getting to know each other we had no idea that we spent the whole day together! Inseparable (other than by order of his job of course) ever since!

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    We met while we both worked at Sears...I worked in the Hardware Department of all places...I know NOTHING about hardware, I just knew it payed better with commission than being a cashier which I was doing prior. He just recently moved to Kansas for college so he hadn't been there too terribly long. He first worked in the Auto department and then when they cut his hours back there, he moved up front for hardware in like the November of his first semester at college. He was way too quiet so I would sell stuff under his employee number so that he would make money lol!!! I would sell under mine too just would help him out because I knew he hated being up front like that and actually talking to people.

    At the time, I was dating another guy that I just felt obligated to be in a relationship with because I was taking care of him with paying all of our bills and rent and basically just being a mom to him is what it felt like. I wasn't in love with this guy anymore. Anyways, DB and i started hanging out and just started being really good friends because he knew I had a boyfriend and didn't want to be the reason we broke up. Well after a little girl talk with some friends that I hadn't spoken to in a while, I decided that yeah i was in a crappy relationship and that I needed to get out asap. And it wasn't for DB because previously he told me that he didn't like me in THAT way (a ploy so that I wouldn't leave my boyfriend for him, he wanted me to actually want to be with him).

    The night me and my ex broke up, DB and I hung out again. Just talked...and watched a movie...friend stuff. The next night he put his arm around me while we were talking on the couch and it was one of those he was nervous so he didn't quite put it in the right position around me but rather pushed me forward so I was leaning on my knees. It took him an hour just to get the courage to kiss me...after we talked about being into each other and how much of a connection I felt with him that I didn't feel like I've ever felt with anyone else prior to dating.

    Yeah, I know that I went straight from one relationship to another, but my previous one wasn't really a relationship anymore. And no I didn't leave him in hopes of being with just kinda happened that night. I do know however, after I texted him about me breaking up with my ex...all of the crew that was working at sears found out that night too....he was kinda excited so he told one of our good guy friends that worked there and that guy friend told EVERYBODY!!! I wasn't mad, just thought it was kinda funny because he was telling them to make DB blush and embarrassed because apparently they could see how much he liked me...I didn't though...I'm blind to those things!!!!

    Haha, sorry it's so long...but yeah that's how it all came to be!!! Now he's my best friend and my lover!!!
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    We met on a field trip in highschool. Started dating a few weeks later. It's been almost a year.
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