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Thread: Dear DB...(I apologize for this being long)

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    Dear DB...(I apologize for this being long)

    After the recent circumstances with DB (I posted a thread in parting ways and venting about DB recently), I wrote him this letter. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Dear DB,
    When I first met you, I had to fight to get you and I've fought to keep you. Even when I've been upset with you, I've made sure to take your feelings into consideration before we've tried to work things out. We've gotten into fights and I've always tried to compromise and see things from your point of view as well as mine. I've sent you countless letters and packages because I knew they would make you happy. And through all this I've just stood by and said nothing while we always do what you want to do and when you say hurtfull things and seeing other women get letters and emails, while I recieve nothing because you don't like to write.
    DB when are you going to fight to keep me? I'm so in love with you, but I deserve to be treated better. We made a step in the right direction when you told me that you had started writing me a letter, but you said such hurtfull things the last time you called, I'm still not over it. I had 2 great grandparents die in a week and all you said was "that sucks". I didn't get a "I'm sorry babe" or even a "are you okay". Do you have any idea how hurtfull that was to me? And then you put down everything I like to do and made another excuse as to why you don't want to spend time with my family.
    So DB, we come to a fork in the road of our relationship. You have a decision to make. You can fight to keep me, or we can end this. Either way I am going to love you, I always have loved you through it all, but you won't have a hold over me anymore.


    This was a lot better than my first draft. I wrote that when I found out about his profile he made to find a hookup the day after we broke up.
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    I think this was very well written and you conveyed your points accurately and clearly. And your right you do deserve to be treated better and you shouldnt put up with this kind of behavior. Best of luck to you sweetie. PM me if you need to talk

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