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    Question Relationship advice

    A close friend of mine asked me for advice tonight and I'm usually good at this kind of stuff but lately my mind is all over the place so if anybody could help me figure out what to say to her, I'd really appreciate it!

    Heres the "story:"

    They met online while he was deployed and talked for ~7 months. On the exact day of the 7 months, he came home from the sandbox. They had never met but she talked to his family and ended up staying the night with them and going to his homecoming the next morning - he was VERY surprised and happy to see her. The entire day went great. She had to go home [2hrs away] for work and they've been talking and texting since. They hope to spend time with one another again very soon once he's all settled in. She usually calls him once a day in the evening when shes off work and sometimes a text earlier in the day wishing him a good day, etc. He's called/texted her as well so its not a one way thing. No I love yous or anything of that nature.

    Is the once a day thing too little? Too much? She doesn't wanna call him more for fear of pushing him away, especially since he JUST got home not even a week ago but she's afraid it might seem like shes not interested. They both seem to connect very well and have so many things in common, I don't know how it WOULDN'T work out..just trying to help her along as much as possible.

    I don't know what to tell her..been a while since I've dated

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    My DH and I had that fear of pushing each other away and found out after we were married that we both were waiting for the other one to call and would count down the hours so that it would be about a full 24 hrs until we called again.

    She should talk to him about it. Just tell him, "I really wanted to call you earlier, but I didn't know how that would make you feel" and see what he says. Maybe they should plan to go out for coffee or a walk or something fun but without a lot of pressure and see how things work out in person. If he's excited about that, it would be a pretty good sign that once a day is working out just right for the two of them.

    It's been a while since I've dated as well, I'm losing that "edge". Thank my lucky stars for that. I hope I never have to date anyone but DH again.
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