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Thread: Meeting with the future inlaws results in change of plans.

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    Meeting with the future inlaws results in change of plans.

    So, I had breakfast with the future MIL, and I was so glad my future FIL went along. He has been supportive and usually diffuses DF's mom when she tries to lecture or baby DF and me. I was surprised his mom was a lot more supportive this time around. Well, his dad, who is newly retired from USAF security forces put it all on the table for me. He put it this way, "This is not coming from your father inlaw but from a military man." He explained that our date we set was not gonna work because DF will be the newbie out there and will have a hard time getting leave to come back and get married. The way he figured it would be 1yr to 1.5yrs. (DF will be in Germany)
    DF called and I was pretty upset about it (I know it's not that long in the grand scheme of things, but I was sad none the less.) We had a long talk and decided that we would get married at the courthouse when he comes back home before he leaves to Germany. I'll meet him out there as soon as I figure out my job situation. When we move back we fully intend on having a big wedding with the whole family since it's something we both want.
    I can only imagine how thrilled his mom will be The only reason we were going to wait is she kept pushing for a wedding in the catholic church. The woman knows how they treated me when my daughter passed away and I'm not too pleased with the catholic church, but she kept insisting. With all of her nagging DF said we would look into it Let's see how she reacts with the news.
    I'm so glad he finally realized what I have been telling him. We have to do what is right for us and what makes us happy. We can't please everyone.

    Sorry so long, I just had to get that all out.
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    Awww, congratulations anyway! You're right that you need to establish your independence as a couple. Good luck!
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    im sorry your original plans didnt work out but congrats on your new ones!!!!!!!! I really hope you have a fab wedding !!!!!!!!

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