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Thread: 10 days and counting.. why am I nerves?

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    10 days and counting.. why am I nerves?

    Okay so dh will be home soon.. at some point after he grads. in 10 days.. why am I so darn nerves about the reunion? Not seeing him, but the "big" reunion. I am huge now since he's seen me. I can't wait, but then I feel like a big whale and I am wondering if it's going to be awkward.. I mean it's not like we have Done the deed w/ me preg. before, but for some reason I am freaking out.. what if he's like . I know he'd never tell me, but now I am wondering. With the other 3 he got to see me get bigger and we figured out all the modifications as we went along. Now it was like he left when I was 17 weeks and not showing really.. now I am all out there.

    Anyone been through this and how did you deal w/ it??
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    havent been through it but you are having his baby and most of the dads i know think that's the most beautiful thing ever

    if it were me i think i'd just be excited to see you and see that the baby was coming along nicely

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