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Thread: Is it normal..?

  1. I was a GREAT mom... until I had kids.
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    I was a GREAT mom... until I had kids.
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    Confused Is it normal..?

    Ok, I was just laying in bed, waiting for DF to text me. He graduates tomorrow @ 8AM, and he'll be home by midnight tomorrow night. He's been gone for about 14 months for TRAINING, and I've seen him about 3 weeks out of those 14 months. He's seen me pregnant for about 3 days out of my whole pregnancy.

    But right now, I miss him more than I have in a REALLY long time, even though I know I'll see him in about 25 hours. I feel like I'm being selfish or pity, and I shouldn't feel that way. I almost started crying cause I miss him sao much.

    IS that normal to feel this way, SO close to him coming home? I feel like I should be JUST excited, not excited and sad.

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    I think that's totally normal. Every time DH is gone, I start getting really emotional right before he returns. It's totally understandable.
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    I think it's completly normal. You have been doing all of this pretty much alone, and now he is coming home, really coming home not just a visit. It's starting to sink in that you can hold him, touch him, share having your baby togehter and all of that makes you really miss him. You know oh, so very soon you won't have to do this alone anymore, and you are wanting that to be now. He'll be there soon.
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    You are normal. I think I will be going crazy right before my DB comes home.
    HE IS HOME!!!!!
  5. My Life is My Own Again! YAY!!
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    My Life is My Own Again! YAY!!
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    Yeah, it sounds like a wave of relief is starting to wash over you...
  6. Just your everyday, laidback Aussie Girl
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    it is totally normal and understandable, and you also have a zillion pregnancy hormones runniong thru your body. I cry for no reason all the time.

  7. I'm his crazy munchkin and he's my bug a boo :)
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    I'm his crazy munchkin and he's my bug a boo :)
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    em it's normal!!! i always get more anxious when i'm on the plan on my way to see joey & Miss him more than i have the whole time!! it's b/c it's soooo close but seems so far away!
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    completely noraml... thats when I miss DB most. it's like, you just cant wait and your soooo anxious that it makes it that much harder
  9. *I Love Him*
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    i do think it is normal. it is so many emotions all at once

  10. MrsPFCRogers
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    TOTALLY normal especially during/right after pregnancy bc those stupid things called hormones are just all screwed up and just go totally retarded....but u are feeling TONS of emotions all at once and sometimes the best way to handle an emotional overload like that is to simply and believe sweety I dropped my DH off at the airport for Korea on October 29th and our daughter was born November 22nd and that is his first and only biological child but my 3rd child and 1st trust me I totally can relate to the him missing out on the entire pregnancy and delivery and blah blah blah and then just being a wreck right before he comes home just never ever doubt that all the pain u are going through now is ALWAYS worth the reward you recieve everytime you are in his arms.
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