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    hi ladies, need some advice; if you're married or live together, I was wondering how you and your SO work out the money situation?? how does it work for you guys? joint accounts? separate accounts? does he save and you spend? do you pay the bills or does he? Do you give each other allowances? How do you keep track of your money? How is it working for you? what would you do differently??


    <3 Kathy
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    we are married but ours are seperate..and we both save almost ALL of our money.
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    We're married. I am responsible primarily for arranging/executing payments, he will drop the rent in the drop box if he has to because I forgot to mail it off in time, or whatever else.

    We have had a joint account since we became engaged (I would not recommend that others do so however, we were lucky to not have issues involving money). We both worked, pooled our money, and used it for our joint living expenses. After marriage, we still had a joint account, and even as a nonworking partner in our marriage now, we both consider the money in our accounts to be 100&#37; shared.
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    we have both. I have my own, DH has his, and then we also share an account together.

  5. Missing My Husband
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    we have ajoint account and I pay the bills but we do everything online and we save what we can
  6. Tiffykins30
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    We have a 1 joint account now that we are married, there was no sharing of accounts until we married. I have an account from before we were married. I keep this account strictly for my insurance commission checks. I carry my insurance license from Tx in my maiden name, and all of my residual income checks come in my maiden name. It isn't a lot of money, but it's money that I use for odds and ends.

    I pay the bills, but we discuss all of them. I keep a dry erase calendar board on a wall in our kitchen that has every bill listed with on the due date. He knows when they are due, but I stay home so that is one of my responsibilities. I make sure the bills are paid on time, groceries are in the house, and that the house runs efficiently. We both shop, we both save, we do not make any big purchases without discussing it with each other first. We keep each other informed at all times. If I was working or when I start working possibly after the first of the year, if/when the job market picks up down here, my checks will be deposited into our joint savings account.

    There isn't anything I would change about how things are run in our house currently.
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    Thanks ladies, i am definitely loving all the different inputs and perspectives. I do not take your wisdom and methods lightly. I will definitely use this!!!

    <3 Kathy
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    We have both separate and joint accounts. Part of his pay goes into each. And then part of the money I get goes into each. It's helpful.
    I have to arrange all the payments though.
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    we have both. We have a joint bills account that all our bill money goes into, and then we each have a checking account. Which both of us have access to. His account is mainly for Deployment and since we started recruiting it keeps his excess yet necessary spending separate. I always say find what works for you and stick with it.

    I will miss you SOS...
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    Joint accounts. I do all the finances here. We don't do allowances cause we don't need to. None of us go crazy spending and we know how much we can spend.
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