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Thread: My favorite relationship poem...

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    Love My favorite relationship poem...

    DH fits this to a T... it was all I wished for and I got it and more!

    What do I want in a Relationship?

    I want emotional closeness.
    I want sharing. I want a beautiful bridge
    between us that is always there, always
    open, always secure, always ours alone

    I want communication.
    I want words that speak our language.
    I want touches that say more than
    words can mean. I want to talk things over,
    whether they're little or large. I want
    to be more in touch with you than
    I've ever been before.

    I want the things we do to turn into
    some of the nicest memories any two
    people could ever ask for.

    I want friendship. I want love.
    I want gentleness. I want strength.
    I want as much happiness as tomorrow
    can promise to anyone.

    I want to be home to you.
    I want you to be home to me.

    And I want the smile that is in my heart
    to always reflect so beautifully
    in the eyes I most love to see.

    I found what I was searching for.
    And now, the thing I most want to do
    is to let you know how very much I love you.

    ~ Chris Gallatin
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    Wow this is really so beautiful, great job!

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