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  • Sahm style (Man works - Woman stays at home, you know how it goes)

    26 44.83%
  • Husband and Wife share child/work responsibilities equally

    32 55.17%
  • Sahd style (Woman works - Man stays at home)

    0 0%
  • The infamous other

    6 10.34%
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Thread: "Family dynamic - partnership role" poll

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    "Family dynamic - partnership role" poll

    A poll covering the 3 traditional "roles" that we have at hand in a family.

    Which one do you BELIEVE IS BEST for your family (not necessary how your family functions at the moment or will in the future) for the overall family when the kids are young.

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  2. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    each family has a reason for their roles. currently we contribute financially equally. but we dont have kids.
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    I voted other because I believe that each family has to find whatever works best for THEM. Not two families are alike so finding what works for that particular family is important. Sometimes over time family dynamic change because of job loss/going back to work/illness etc as well.
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    i actually do not believe there is one set traditional family that is better than another. i believe that in some areas and lifestyles that require equality where there is not an actual stay at home parent.

    example my aunt and uncle raised 5 children and both of them worked. in fact all of them worked , they owned a dairy farm and the kids and parents all worked together to make it work.

    another example of that is when they live in the city. we all know with gas prices and inflation being what it is that being a one income family can be very difficult and in some cities nearly impossible.

    with other lifestyles i think it is possible for one of the parents to be home with the children and the other work . the military lifestyle tends to lead families in that direction, or at least that is my experience with it.

    i will not play the gender role though. i think you are a parent no matter your gender and therefore capable of the same love and affection as the other would have. so to me honestly the gender of the parent plays no role in parenting.

    another thing is single parenting. that is another traditional parenting that has been around as long as there have been families.

    i believe no one is better than another and that no one is worse than the other. they all come with some sacrifices and some rewards.

    i think the part that is important is the way you parent and the children your raise more than one what society views as a proper family etc.....

    i hope this makes sense we have drama in my house right now !
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    I voted husband and wife share because I think it depends on the family but the ultimate accountability for these things falls equally on both. DF and I plan on trading off.
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    For us, at the moment, me staying at home while John works is best.

    When the kids are older then I'll work, too.
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    we share equally and typical sahm style. dh works and i stay at home so i do most of the stuff but when he's home we are quite equal.
  8. Banned
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    Right now, SAHM works best for our family. Once the kids are in school, I will be back to doing what I love. I really detest being a SAHM but I believe it's best for my child(ren) in the early childhood years. I really prefer when we are contributing equally, and look forward to going back to that in a few yrs.
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    Since you asked for "our" family, rather than "families in general" I said both sharing. I am a WAHM which works great for us.
  10. Banned
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    I put share equally.

    When we first got married and had Nora I was the major bread winner of the house. He worked part time while preparing to enter the Navy and took care of Nora while I was at work.

    Now I am a SAHM and he is the major breadwinner.

    Both ways have worked for us and we are both very flexible about whatour family may need in the future.

    I have been blessed that I have a husband who is secure enough with himself that if there was an opportunity for me to make more money than him, he would have NO problem with staying home either full or part time.
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