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    I posted a few weeks ago about finding DH with emails and if it was cheating here is the orginal thread....

    Well we went to counseling and did a lot of talking and trying to work things out and things have gotten a lot better. He deleted the email account he used for the postings, and we had a lot of long talks about what we both considered cheating and what we were comfortable with and what we weren't. Things are not perfect, Iím still hurt and my trust is very bruised but things are getting a lot better. Now it's count down to him leaving and its getting really hard because things have been so good and now in about 11 days he will be gone until next April. Well just wanted to update the ladies who had given me support and advice. Thanks ya'll! please keep him and the men leaving with him in your ers
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    well I am glad you two are making progress and that you are able to work through this.

    and I will continue to send :goodvibles
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    Take one day at a time. At least he is trying. I will keep all of you in my prayers! You guys can do this!!
    I knew the moment I first looked into your eyes - before you ever kissed me, I knew whether you knew it or not, and no matter how long it took, you were the one for me. I didn't care what people said or what the odds were. I didn't pay attention to anything but to what my heart was telling me. "This is it," my heart said. "This is the one you've been waiting for!" And thats the way I've felt about you ever since.That's the way it still is every time I hear your voice on the other end of the line. It doesn't matter whether we're in or out of love at that moment. I guess that's cause we both know you'll always be mine and I'll always be yours. Thats what being in love is all about!

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