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Thread: He Saved Me

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    He Saved Me

    In so many ways he has saved my life.
    He came into my life like a gentle wind, and then swept me off my feet.
    He found my college, and moved me so I could go.
    He left me for boot...but it's been the best thing that has ever happened to us. It has saved our relationship.

    The Military has truly transformed our lives for the better. Even though this past month has been so hard, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It has brought us closer, closer to our families, and our families closer to each other.

    He's the guy that told me that if I used the blow dryer as a heater that it could catch fire. , so he has saved me in more ways than one.

    I have 17 dollars in my back account today, he saved me by giving me money to make it through the month till he comes home.

    He was the man that decided he take a stab and love me. He saved me by loving me, protecting my heart from other men that were abusers, cheaters and liars.

    I almost went for a walk in the evening, he told me not to go...if he wasn't there, with my stupidity, I could have gotten raped. He saved me.

    I climbed a steep hill last year, and almost fell 15 feet, he saved me with a grasp of one hand and didn't ever let me go. He saved me.

    But it all started with God saving us first. I believe God put him in my life, to take care of me, and to save me from life's troubles and pain.

    What man, gives up everything for a woman he loves? But also goes and joins to fight amongst the strongest and bravest, for the woman he loves?

    He wants to save me....
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  3. True Love is Semper Fi...
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    Wow.. Hill..

    Love is a wonderful thing..
    I'm happy for you!
    I feel just like you do..
    We have truly been blessed by God for sending us these special men in our lives.
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    Ugh, my emotions are all jdkflajsdkfls;
    I just about cried reading that.
    You two are both very lucky to have each other.
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    Not even the Army can shatter my spirit.
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    I have goosebumps
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    thats awesome hun

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    thats beautiful hun.
    love really is a wonderous thing
    we survived deployment #1

    we have been married since 12.28.09

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