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Thread: NEED HELP with getting block of hotel rooms for wedding

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    NEED HELP with getting block of hotel rooms for wedding

    How did you go about getting a block of rooms at a local hotel for your wedding?????? How did you decide on a price range (ie. what's the average cost for a room that people are willing to pay?)? How many rooms did you block?? How far in advance did you block the rooms? What happens if all the rooms are filled that you block?? What happens if you don't reserve enough in the original block???

    Thanks! I'm having a dreadful time trying to do this!!
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    I think just call & ask the hotel you are thinking of using & they should answer your questions
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    Call the hotel.
    (This is what happened with me and the hotel I worked with)

    Know ahead of time how many people are coming from out of town and guestimate how many rooms you will need. Always request a few more than you think you will need, just in case.
    They will tell you what their "group rate" is. Its usually just a bit cheaper than the original.
    They will ask how many rooms you would like to hold. People call up the hotel and give tell them they are with your party to book the special rate. YOur guests have a certain time frame to do this in.
    Keep checking in with the group sales person there to see how the rooms are filling up and see if you need more.
    They usually give you until about 2 weeks out to book the rooms. After that, they release the remaining rooms (hotels usually won't hold rooms for too long).

    I hope all that makes sense.
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    Oh! Lucky you! I used to be the Asst. Reservations MGR for a couple of luxury hotels that the company I worked for owned.

    Every place is a little different, but basically, you need an idea of how many people are going to want to stay at the hotel so that you can have an idea of how many rooms to request. Usually, you need at least 6-10 rooms in order for the hotel to negotiate a contract with you. The hotel will block the number of rooms you've requested and assign a name to the group. Like, "Dr. K Wedding" and your guests can call and say "I need to book a room for the Dr. K Wedding. The nice thing about these sorts of blocks is that usually the hotel will negotiate a discounted rate because you are confirming so many rooms. The catch? You'll be financially responsible for any rooms that get cancelled, depending on the policy that will be negotiated between you and the hotel.

    You usually need to do this about 3-6 months in advance depending on the season, and when you call, you want to speak to the Wedding Coordinator or the Group reservations department. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me!
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    Where are you getting married? Near a base? On the base? Just curious.
    When we hosted a large commissioning party for dh, we held the party in the "O" club and then reserved BOQ rooms.....but I'm not even sure if that's an option any longer. Just a thought.

    OR rather than you being financially responsible for all those pre-booked rooms you could make up a list of all those hotels available in the area of your weddng w/rates and such and just let it be the responsiblity of the guest to reserve?

    Good luck!
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    Just call and ask to speak with someone in group sales. They can answer your questions as far as # of rooms and cut off dates. Shop around between a couple hotels. You and your df know your guests, so base your price range on something affordable for everyone. You may also want to look into a lower priced alternate so you're aware should someone need that option.

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