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Thread: How old were you when you got married?

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    How old were you when you got married?

    My DB and I are talking about marriage. But when i mentioned this to my best friend, she flipped out, saying we're too young.
    But I am in love with my DB, and I want to be there to support him no matter what. I cant imagine being with anyone else, and I cant imagine a better way to learn about life than to do it with someone as amazing as him.Even though its only been 8 months, we were really good friends for 2 years before that.
    I am doing better financially than most of the people I know that are my age, and I want to continue on with school, even if it ends up being online

    So, how old were you when you got married?
    I hear military wives tend to get married young?

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    I had been 18 for a whole 17 days
    DH was 20.
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    I was 21 and my DH was 18.
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    25 DH 24
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    I was 20 and dh 21
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    i was 18 the first time I got married. I had been with him since I was 15. I thought he was the love of my life. He thought the same of me...What I didn't know, is that even then, you aren't done growing and finding yourself. You become a different person, and it's normal. The question is, will that person love the person u are going to become?

    I am not against young marriage, just wouldn't do it again that young if I had to do it over.
    A heart truly in love never loses hope, but always believes in the promise of love, no matter how long the time and how far the distance
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    I was 20 and DH was 25
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    my ex dh was 20 and i was 18. Things were perfect until he got a new job and lost it, and became abusive. Now, Andrew and I are talking about marriage and we will probably be 23 and 21.
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    Less than 3 weeks after turning 19. He wasn't active duty then. He had done 4 years prior to us meeting. Got out for 2 years (this when we met and got married). And then almost 1 year after we were married he rejoined. That was almost exactly 7 years ago. Will be 7 years in a few weeks. And then in Sept. will be our 8th wedding anni.
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    I was 18, DH was 22. We had been together for 9 months. (he wasn't in the army then)
    Our 5th anniversary was this past saturday we were young, but are still verymuch in love

    "I love you more than I can say, I can't even fathom the words" - DH
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