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    soo, i got my frist letter from DB yesterday right?
    which was more than enought to make my week...
    even though he sounded pretty down, it was still just so great to hear from him..well, last night around 10 DBs dad called to tell me he got a letter too, only it was addressed to me [like the envelope was addressed to him, but the letter inide was for me] DB had sent a longer letter for me to his dad so that id have to go check up on him and make sure hes doing ok. so i got that letter from DBs dad today..and omg it was sooo much better than the firt!
    he was still kind of down, said hes learned a lot and that everything there is just insane and really hard..his platoon didnt even get to sleep the first three nights they were there but he continued to say how he was laying on his rack thinking of me and how much he loves me and cant wait to see me again and he trusts im being good for my fiance. i love it when he calls himself my fiance it makes me soo just i was soo happy i wanted to cry. iloveletters

    *some backround* we arent officially engaged, like i dont have a ring or anything...BUT i went over there for breakfast before he left, cause he promised hed make me french toast. and he got it all set up and everything before i got there and his dad was leaving as i got there so i said bye to him and walked up with jimmy [my DB] and we were talking had the following conversation:
    him - so before you got here my dad was like "are you proposing to her today or something? you should."
    me - awww what did you say?
    him - that i would be if i had money for a ring, which i dont
    me - awww your daddy wants you to marry me!!
    him - babe, I want to marry you. *emphasis on the i*
    me - *smiles really big* aw i want to marry you too

    and thats how we got unofficially engaged
    lol sorry this is long. and possibly very boring for you.
    im just bored and thought id share my happiness.
    props if your still reading.
    we survived deployment #1

    we have been married since 12.28.09

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    Aww... that is such a cute story. Thank you for sharing.
    Proud Wifey of CharliesAngel, miraluu, CarLooSHoo, LT and A*Singing*Wife

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    cute story. and congratulations!
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    so sweet!

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