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Thread: Planned Parenthood/bc pill Question

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    Help Planned Parenthood/bc pill Question

    If I get the birth control pill there (planned parenthood) is it cheaper than going through my regular doctor?

    And another question, this may sound really dumb but I'm curious...Regarding the pill, if I start taking it now how long until it becomes "regular" (I guess?) meaning it actually works, I've heard many different things such as it works right away or you have to wait 1-2 months.

    And one last question about the pill, if I start taking it now then when say August comes around can I switch my period around because it is due (on my regular cycle w/o the pill) at a very inconvenient time which is the main reason I want to start it now. I want to take it for other reasons too obviously but I was just going to wait since db will be gone a lot and I thought it would be kind of pointless to start taking it now I guess? But I think I've decided I want to start it right away mainly for the convenience of being able to kind of maneuver my period around my life so to speak so its not always occurring at the most inconvenient times and also the whole preventing pregnancy (yes I know, not 100%) aspect is a plus too.

    Any info would be great! Sorry this was long thanks in advance ladies!
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    last time i was at planned parenthood, they only asked me if i wanted to make a dontation, i dont remember paying anything else...

    and the pills, if you start on the first pill right away you should be "safe" after one week...
    if you start the first pill on the first day of your period, its should be "safe" from the beginnig...

    atleast thats what i been told hope this helps
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    planned parenthood only gives free birth control to those under 16. once you are over 16 they ask how much you make a year (or how much your household that you lives with makes a year) and then they base your payment off that. it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay expensive that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they wanted $50 a pack from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i got it through my pharmacy without insurance it was $24.99! good luck!
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    FWIW, when I was on BC in high school, they told us to use a second method for three months. Ask your doctor though.
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    it depends what BC you go on if its cheaper or more expensive or etc...

    if you have insurance i would just go through your regular doctor... if you are trying to hide it from your parents or if you dont have insurance or a job.. planned parent hood is for you! LOL... i used to get mine from school for 8$ a month, then i graduated (college) and it went to 60$ a month(i use nuvaring) i went to planned parent hood, and they asked if i had a job i said no, i paid nothing, but i was enrolled in a state medicaid thing? so that had extra rules to go with it.

    i had a job 3 months later so i just used insurance again after that.
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    Start it the first Sunday after your period and take it for a whole month. Then figure out when you're going to adjust. Like if the bad time for you to have it is going to fall on week 2 of your cycle, then after that first month you take pills for week 1, skip week 2, and then take pills for weeks 3 and 4 (instead of taking three straight weeks and then being off a week.) Give it two months and this will rearrange your period.
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    I got my bc through my doctor and my insurance covers it completely. I was also told to make sure and use a back up form of bc (condoms) for the first month that I started it.
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    Its cheaper depending on what you make. If you make more than 400 a week i think it is you will pay the whole cost. You can skip the sugar pills and that will prevent you from getting your period but it will mess it up for the next month. But if your DB isn't around at that time then it wouldn't really matter. Hope that helps
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    i get mine right now thru my parents insurance. but once im in the army im not sure. i mean they told me if i give them the perscription they will take care of getting it for me. they told me when i started that i should use a backup method of protection for the first month and then its fine.

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