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Thread: Trying to hold back a giggle?

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    Giggle Trying to hold back a giggle?

    When you two are fighting?

    Right before he left, we had this little tift and we were outside, in the rain and it was rather romantic, but we were fighting because I took off and he couldn't find me and got worried.
    Anyways, he looked SO handsome in the rain, and my mind was going everywhere but the fight. I was trying to hold back a smile and giggle all at the same time because he was so serious.

    Has this ever happened to you guys?
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    ah goodness that happens all the time. most of the time its my dh giggling though. he says that i don't portray anger very well and that i look like a "cute angry hamster" and then i can't help but laugh and that's where it ends.

    but it's still weird, he compared me to a rodent lol.

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    This is not to brag, but we haven't had a fight yet...I've never fought with any BF actually. And that's on purpose because (A) I'm SO bad at expressing anger and (B) I haven't dated anyone with passion really. But, I'm looking forward to our first fight! Although, we both do believe in talking a walk in order to calm down before getting upset with the other person...

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    Yup! For me though he would have a serious look and I would just burst out laughing! He would ask me why I was laughing and I'd just tell it it's cuz I think you're so cute.
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    haha yeah...and we'll kinda try and play it off and then we'll both laugh. it's a good tension breaker.
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    All the time! That is why I love DF so much. Usually it is him that starts laughing at me and then I am like why are we even arguing...lets kiss!

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